Keeping distance for fun & enjoyment

Briq wants to make sure the leisure world keeps spinning, so we will help you and your team to stay safe and move on by creating personalized guest experiences starting in the online booking journey, optimizing your capacity, and upselling and cross-selling online to increase your average order value.

Once leisure activities reopen, here’s how Briq can help you to keep the 1,5m social distancing.

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Automated Guest Distribution

Stick to the guidelines and ensure a careful distribution. Our smart booking software automates your capacity planning based on time slots optimized by smart algorithms. In case your guests want to make a change or cancel, the software will automatically update the information into the system.


Crowd Forecasting

To ensure a great experience in the online booking journey, we will make sure that their preferences are tailored to your capacity and agenda. You will be able to forecast how many people will be entering the venue and therefore, you’ll adapt your team accordingly.


Implement Contactless Payments

Your bookings are paid upfront with easy Online Payments. We will encourage your visitors to pay online in order to ensure more purchases are made in advance, while also avoiding close contact in the venue. Fast, easy and safe.


One Reservation tool

All your activities are bookable online, 24/7 on all devices. With smart schedule algorithms customers can create personalized guest experiences while optimizing their capacity.

Also, customers have the ability to upsell and cross-sell online to increase your average order value and obtain unique booking insights to optimize your online shop and its marketing. Our reservation tool can be integrated with many other softwares.

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We understand the consequences of this crisis for leisure businesses, but the show must go on.

Let’s team up in this challenging period and work together with bright eyes on the future.

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