Briq features

With Briq your guests easily book multi-activity experiences online for individual and group bookings.

These online bookings will
automatically be planned in too, streamlining your operations.

And Briq will also help you grow your business focussing on your online success.

Experience Economy

Customized experiences

Today's consumers are looking for unique experiences at family entertainment centres.

Research shows that 85% of your customers across all age groups believe that customized experiences are far more appealing than one-size-fits-all solutions.

Briq's software automatically schedules in your bookings to save your staff valuable time to spend on making those experiences unforgettable!

Mobile first

Be on every device

100% guest convenience. 90% of all bookings are made online on mobile devices.

Briq offers you a fully mobile responsive webshop.

Online 24/7

Online bookings always available

More than 40% of all guests book outside opening hours.

Being available for 24/7 online bookings will get you more bookings and help you accumulate worldwide visitors and better plan you staff.

Up-sell & Cross-sell

Additional sales

More online bookings with a higher value. That means - more revenue! Our current customers show an average online order value of $150.

Reap the benefits from bundled activities and offer unique experiences now.

Easy online payment

Paid online in advance

Close deals fast and easy. Save time and front-desk efforts.

Your customers like to pay in advance once they've made it to the checkout in your webshop with many popular payment methods.

Your shop

Onboarding process
If you're just getting started, our Customer Success team will guide you all the way and provide you with helpful information.
Ongoing expert support
Once you have Briq, you will be provided regular updates and training material to enhance your services to your customer. you can reach out to our Support team whenever you need any help.
Email confirmations/notifications
Send email confirmations to your guests with all they need to know regarding their booking, and if you're not fully into our standard templates, you can create your own.
All-device friendly
Briq offers a fully responsive booking system from any kind of device; desktop, tablet or mobile.
Upselling & cross-selling
Offer more than just activities and increase your Average Order Value. Allow your guests to add more rounds of their activity or let them select add-ons to their experience!
Localized payment providers
With Briq and a payment gateway (iDeal, Creditcard, BanContact), your payments will be fast, secure, and simple.
Offer customed deals
Create best-seller deals or deals based on seasonality.
Choice of Payment
Your guests decide how they want to pay, based on their needs.  They have the option of paying on site or paying online.
Large group requests
When customers want to book online a large group event, Briq will identify it as a request. You will receive their contact details so you can follow up with your customer and plan their day out.
Field filters
Define your fields and make it easy for your guests to find the best deal, day and time. Plus, allow them to filter on their budget!

E-Commerce Manager

Operational grip through exports
Review overall information in more than 12 different exports. These exports give you all the information you need, in one place.
Create inventory
Create attractive products and resources for customers. Add capacity, prices and stock for complete optimization.
CRM Email customization
Send emails with a personalized feel to your guests.
Smart scheduler: No employee needed!
Briq's smart algorithm makes it possible to arrange all activities selected in a perfectly coordinated schedule. The best part is that your capacities are flawlessly optimized.
Capacity optimization
Flawlessly planned activities in timeslots. All groups have a spot.
Opening hours management
Let your customers know when your venue is open and avoid mistaken bookings when your business is not operating. Mark in dates that the venue will be closed and your shop will display booking availability only when available.
Multiple overviews
You'll have clear visibility on bookings, customers, payments, venue management, etc. These are the overviews you'll have access to:
- Planboard (Venue Management Overview)
- Booking Overview
- Customers Overview
- Payments Overview
- Worklists (Operational Overview)
Grant multiple user permissions
To meet your needs, you can grant 3 different user permissions levels. For example, Admin level, Employee level and Read Only. Let them access just the information they need.
Ecommerce tools and online marketing
Get to know your customers and serve them better. Track and reach your audience, analyze your data and grow from there.
Book in advance
Briq gives you options to set the timeframe to book in advance.

Taking leisure businesses from all over the world towards success.


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