5 ways to maximize your FEC’s capacity planning

Scheduling mei 18, 2024
Tips to maximize your FECs capacity

Are you an FEC owner and are you sure that you’re making the most of your capacity at any moment in time? Or do you sometimes see empty activities or waiting lines that are just not fun anymore? Experiencing off-peak hours and too busy moments, and breaking your head over your schedule whenever a new booking comes in, you must know how important it is to ace your capacity planning.

Maximizing your capacity planning means that you efficiently fill the time slots that are available for your activities. This allows you to welcome as many guests as possible and have a clear overview of when – and how many – guests are visiting your leisure center. 

If there are any available spots in your capacity planning, there are many ways to fill these. Even if you’re currently not using Briq’s multi-activity scheduling software, these are 5 great ways to maximize your capacity planning.

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1. Create multi-activity deals to work more efficiently

If your guests visit your venue for multiple activities, they’ll stay longer than when they visit you for one single activity. Not only does this increase your revenue, it also makes planning easier. This is because your guests choose one starting time for their activity program, while single activity visitors will come and go during the day and you’ll need more bookings for the same occupancy. 

For example, if you receive a booking for go-karting, an escape room and pizza afterwards, you know exactly at what time your guests start with their activity or go to the restaurant. Multi-activity bookings also save you time, because you have less check-ins. Plus they reduce the chance of gaps in your planning because multiple facilities are used by the same guests, instead of many different guests.

On top of that, when you create multi-activity deals based on your guests’ needs, you can customize your offering for different target groups. This way you can welcome a range of different people and guarantee them an awesome day out.

2. Focus on group bookings

Imagine you have three bowling lanes available for one hour. The most efficient would be to rent out all three lanes to one group. Otherwise you’ll have to receive three different bookings for the same three lanes, which costs you more time.

That’s why it is smart to focus more on group bookings – to spend less time filling the same time slots and space to make your planning more cost effective.

Think of targeting kids parties, bachelor parties, family reunions or company outings. Create packages that fit the different target groups and add a picture of that audience when promoting the deal in your webshop

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3. Use upsells for additional activity sales 

With upselling your guests can complete their desired day out in the booking flow. It means they choose to book an activity at your venue and get the option to book something extra, like another heat of go-karting, an hour of bowling or food and beverages. 

Adding activities without a set start time as upsells is a great idea, because they don’t affect the booking flow and your planning. Your guests can, for example, buy coins for arcade games and play before, in between or after an activity. This way you get extra revenue and your guests can even enjoy their waiting time

Upselling doesn’t only lead to guests spending more time and money at your venue, it also makes the guest experience more personal. This results in a higher average order value and customer satisfaction.

4. Look for spaces that aren’t being used efficiently

If you have a leisure center with a lot of different areas, have a look at spaces you’re currently not really using. Is there something else you can do with it? 

For an escape room, X-Cube or karaoke machine you don’t need much space. And since they’re a lot of fun, they may present a great way to fill extra time slots in your planning and drive more revenue. 

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5. Offer special off-peak deals 

Another way to fill your capacity planning is with off-peak deals. This means that you could give discounts for activities during hours that are not so popular or create an activity package with multiple activities at a reduced rate. 

This makes it more attractive for your guests to book, which makes it possible for you to maximize your capacity planning.

Automate your capacity planning with Briq’s multi-activity scheduling software

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