Interesting sessions at Arival: The In-Destination Event in Orlando

Events mei 29, 2024
Arival: The In-Destination Event in Orlando

IAAPA EXPO or Arival In-Destination event? To keep you updated on travel tech Arival is organizing an event that focuses more on the technology behind all the fun of tours and activities from October 28-31, 2019. We are particularly looking forward to these sessions:

1. Pre-Arival workshop: how to choose your booking tech

Okay, technically the conference hasn’t officially started on Monday but why not have some pre-conference fun? So, why would you choose Briq over other booking technology available? This session will explain you what to look for in booking software: what features, which plans and what software suits your business most. Dan Rogoski and Christian Watts will give you all the tips and tricks what to look for in a reservation system.

2. Disruption is universal

Change is hard. It doesn’t matter how big or small your organisation is. Most important is to get all stakeholders aligned with new plans. One of the big guys, Universal, will give you insights in how they met with new technology and its challenges. Frank Belzer of Universal will be you speaker of this session.

3. Tech, tools, tomorrow

More bookings, ready for the future. That’s what we strive for at Briq Bookings. Is your business ready for the future? Not quite yet? This session will take you through new tools, new technology and how they might aid your business goals.

4. The Data-driven operator

Knowing is growing! You will have a competitive advantage over other organisations in the same branche. If you know what your guests do, what works or, even better, find out what doesn’t you are one your way to business growth.

In the meantime, read our e-book about how to make data-driven decisions and get more bookings.

Do you know what your guests want? Do you have insights in their behaviour? If you don’t, this is your chance to get exclusive insights given by Arival CEO Douglas Quinby. He will unveil the latest trends and what makes traveling truly memorable.

Meet us at Arival!

6. Using customer insights to create culinary experiences

Not only culinary experiences! You can create whatever experience you want depending on your offer and your guests’ behaviour. Knowing what your guests want and do gives you opportunities to tailor your services and activities to their needs and wants. How is that for a retention strategy?

7. Will this fit? Online expectations of the Next Gen

Are you that future-driven leisure professional who is always looking ahead? Have you already started thinking about how to reach out to the new generation? Are you interested in what drives them? Join us and Expedia Local Expert Luke Taylor!

You can check out other sessions here. Do we have the pleasure of meeting you at the Arival In-Destination Event?

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