Briq Boost explained by Briq’s growth marketer Niels Struik

Briq HQ mei 27, 2024
Niels Struik, Growth Marketer at Briq Bookings

In the summer of 2021, Briq started with Briq Boost, a marketing strategy for clients to get more bookings. What exactly is Briq Boost and how does it benefit clients?

We asked Niels Struik, Briq’s growth marketer. Niels worked with various clients throughout the leisure industry, and knows all the ins and outs of leisure marketing.  

Today, he’ll let us in on the secret behind Briq Boost – how it helps clients get more bookings and be more visible online. We also discuss why Briq Boost stands out compared to other listing websites.

What is Briq Boost?

“Briq Boost is an added benefit that we offer to our current clients who use Briq’s booking software. What we do is we list these clients on our listing websites. We currently have 3 of them for go karting tickets, bowling tickets and kids party tickets. The websites target customers all over the world, based on where each client is located. We then get traffic to their listings on the website through various marketing efforts across multiple platforms. Depending on the wishes of the clients, they can be listed on one or multiple listing websites.”

Briq started with Briq Boost in the summer of 2021 to offer their clients the possibility to get more bookings. 

What’s the idea behind Briq Boost?

“We really believe in trying to get as many bookings for our clients as possible. So if we can offer something extra to achieve that, then we’re very keen to do that. Some of them are still small businesses and they don’t have a marketing team behind them. We can be this team and offer them marketing expertise and achieve more sales for them that way.”

Briq Boost clients versus regular clients

So what is the difference between Briq Boost clients and “regular” Briq clients?

“So we actually have 3 types of clients. We have clients that use Briq’s booking software through which you can book their experiences that are also automatically scheduled. Then we have listing clients, they have opted to be on our listing websites. Briq Boost clients benefit from both Briq’s software and the listing websites. This creates a growth engine that gets them more direct bookings and listing bookings on top of that.”

The results of Briq Boost

With Briq Boost, clients have the opportunity to welcome guests who otherwise would never have come to their venue. As a client you get lots of traffic via these listing websites and you’re visible online in places you might never have been. 

“If you don’t have an in-house marketing team, we become your marketing team and we do all the marketing that’s needed. Since we do the marketing for many different leisure clients all around the world, we have access to a significant amount of data. This allows us to constantly test new marketing techniques, improve our marketing strategies and also expand to new platforms. To top that off you get the experience of somebody who knows how to do marketing for leisure businesses.”

Could you share one of Briq Boost’s greatest accomplishments?

“Absolutely. One of our go-karting clients got almost 450 extra bookings in August 2021 alone. That is an achievement we’re very proud of.”

What would be the benefits of Briq Boost compared to other listing websites, such as Groupon or Social Deal?

“The thing with other listing websites is that they ask for a lot of commissions and payment beforehand, and you still have to decrease your price to be on there. This makes it incredibly hard for leisure businesses to still sell deals on their own website at their regular price, because guests know they can get a cheaper deal on the other third-party website. So overall, you get new customers but they never pay the full price. That’s why these types of websites often result in a loss for a leisure business. 

With our system, you benefit more, because we don’t ask you to decrease your price and pay a standard fee. You only pay when you get a booking, so no booking means no payment.”

The future of Briq Boost and listing websites

Do you think that third-party sales and listing websites will become more important in the leisure industry?

“Absolutely. Nowadays there are so many listing websites that just selling on your own website is not practical anymore. In the future I expect more and more bookings in the leisure industry to be made by third-party sales channels. It’s becoming a lot like the travel industry where you don’t book on a hotel’s website anymore, but you book on or Airbnb instead. The leisure industry is moving in that direction as well.”

What about the long-term plans for Briq Boost?

“In the future we’d like to have more listing websites or more places where we can list clients within different industries. We will be expanding a lot, onto different platforms. That’s one of our goals for this year.”

Want to hop on board?

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