Christine Buhr takes you through the journey of opening a new FEC

Podcast april 28, 2022

In this episode of Let’s talk leisure, Steve talks with entrepreneur Christine Buhr. Christine started in the FEC world over 15 years ago, when she founded Shakers Family Fun Centre in Calgary, Canada. 

She has also been a member of IAAPA’s FEC Committee for 6 years, serving as the chair for the last 3 years. These years of experience brought her interesting leisure insights and we’re delighted that Christine is sharing them with us today.

The journey of starting a new FEC

Recently Steve heard some rumours – is Christine going to open a new FEC? We can already tell you that she is!

In this talk, Christine takes you through the journey of opening a new FEC. She shares the lessons she’s learned from running and owning an FEC and has some great tips on how to start when you’re planning to build a new FEC.

This can be summarised in these three steps:

  1. Decide what style or model of an FEC really appeals to you. What do you like and what will your target audience be?
  2. Run a feasibility study in your area to know where the gaps in the market are and where the opportunities lie.
  3. Design your business. What is it going to look like and what elements are you going to put in your business? Also think about the location, whether it’s going to be indoors or outdoors and how the food and beverage piece is going to look like. 

Christine also emphasises the importance of looking at data. “What is happening in the market? Talk to other people that are doing this, to understand the impact of different attractions and how well they mix together as well.”

It’s the combination of passion and data that help you build a successful FEC.

Exciting times!

We can’t wait to see what Christine’s new FEC will look like and we wish her all the best. If you want to follow her on her journey, feel free to follow her on LinkedIn. She’ll be sharing updates on the progress of the facility.

We’re definitely following her and are very grateful we could talk to Christine. Thank you!

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