Let’s meet at The FEC Convention and Trade Show

Events mei 19, 2024
The FEC Convention and Trade Show

The ShowUp FEC Convention comes at the perfect time, where 100’s of our industry’s experts share ideas, 1000’s of operators join to support each other and help you envision the best imaginable future.

5 reasons why you should join

1. Generate New Revenue

All businesses have one primary goal, to increase profits. New competitors and business models are emerging constantly, so it’s about time to find out the best practices! Shall we write a much better story for our business this 2021?

2- International spotlight

Many international speakers will hit the stage, for example: James Jensen, Lisa O’Neill, Joe Pine and Philip Kaplan, to say a few, will be sharing newest insights, trends and best practices of last year. If not for the top-class speakers, you should attend the inspirational stories! Nothing better than new ideas as a takeaway!

The consumer continues to evolve. It’s also that time of year when marketeers and leaders look ahead in the hope of predicting what behaviour, shopping preferences to attract your potential customers and keep those you already have!

4. Network like a champ

Another great opportunity to meet new people, fresh ideas and learn from experienced professionals! People connect with people. You never know who you’re going to meet or what story you may hear that will give you ideas to strengthen your business!

5. World-class minds

Nothing better than great minds coming together in one place, sharing new and different perspectives and from different industries. Don’t miss the chance to interact with them and who knows, maybe next year, you could be one of the world-class minds sharing enriching views!

Check out all about the event here! Are you ready to ShowUp?

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