How to boost your business at IAAPA Expo Orlando 2021

Events mei 28, 2024
IAAPA Expo Orlando 2021

Boost your leisure business by visiting the IAAPA Expo in Orlando. Earlier this year, Briq Bookings went to IAAPA Expo Europe in Barcelona and returned home with approximately 10 new partners and 15 new clients who aim to get more bookings and increase their average order value.

IAAPA Orlando 2021 is bigger than IAAPA Expo Europe, so we’re expecting even better results. Here’s our strategy to turn our visit to IAAPA Expo Orlando 2021 into a great success.

The main takeaway? You’ve got to have a game plan for your IAAPA visit to make the most out of it. 

1. Schedule in meetings before IAAPA Expo Orlando starts

We know who’s visiting IAAPA and who we want to talk to. Our sales team and CEO Eugene Lubbers have already scheduled many meetings to talk to our (potential) partners and clients in person. 

We’re especially excited to meet QubicaAMF, Sheryl Bindelglass, Jay Trietley, and FEC20 Group.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to schedule a meeting with us too to learn more about automating your booking and scheduling workflow with our scheduling software. 

2. Already sign up for Special Events and Education Sessions

IAAPA Expo Orlando offers special events and education sessions for almost every niche in the leisure industry, like those for FECs. You only need to find those that suit your needs.

Among others we’re attending: 


What may be interesting for you to check out too are:

3. Check out who’s showing their products at the Expo Show Floor

We’re excited to check out stands from our integrations and potential technological and referral partners, but also visiting stands of potential and current clients. 

There are about 900 leisure businesses present to showcase their products, services and experience.

Make sure you have a game play to know which routes to take. Here you find IAAPA Expo Orlando’s floor plan that will help you navigate!

4. Set your goals and aim for the stars at IAAPA Expo Orlando

By determining what you want to get out of this year’s IAAPA Expo in Orlando before you actually go, you can better define your strategy.

You’ll also know how many people you need to put on that plane to achieve your goals.

We’re visiting IAAPA Expo Orlando with the goal to learn more about the industry, sign more partnerships and attract as many new clients as possible. 

Learn more about multi-activity booking and scheduling software

Just to let you know… last IAAPA Expo in Barcelona we were five times more successful than planned.

We’ve also expanded our horizons with a great interest in our software from large-scale FECs as well as zoos, attraction parks and holiday parks.

Our multi-activity booking and scheduling software is clearly a must-have in today’s leisure industry, so make sure to get in touch to see what we can do for you. 

Visit IAAPA Expo Orlando in November

This year’s IAAPA Expo is held at the Orange County Convention Center. The conference is from 15-16 November and the Trade show from 16-19 November.

You can purchase tickets to the Trade Show in advance at $139 for IAAPA Members and $189 for Non-members. 

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