Improve your conversion rate with your webshop’s filter function

Online growth april 08, 2022

Did you know that the more options you offer your guests in your webshop, the harder it is for them to choose? 

The use of filters in your webshop helps your guests find the right activity for them. Especially when you sell multiple activities for different occasions and target audiences, it’s important that your guests can easily find the activity that fits their needs. Because the faster they do so, the more likely they are going to book your venue.

Using filters helps your guests to find activities they want, rather than having to scroll through an endless list of activities. With pre-filtering you already filter out for them what’s not relevant. This makes it much easier for your guests to choose their preferred experience and make a booking. 

Different filter options you should use

The results of using filters? An increase of your conversion rate and a frictionless booking experience. To achieve this, you should know what kind of filter options there are and when you should use them. We’ve listed them for you.

1. Activity

If you have different activities at your leisure center, the first filter you need is the activity filter. For example, some people may want to visit you for go-karting, while other guests prefer laser tagging. To make it easy for all of them to find the packages that contain their preferred activity, they need to be able to filter on it. It makes navigating through the different packages more convenient.

2. Occasion 

Does your leisure center offer activity packages for different occasions? Then it’s a great idea to add filters for them. It enables your guest to select the occasion they are planning to visit your venue for and they will then only see the relevant packages. It makes finding the perfect deal and booking much easier than going through all different packages they won’t book.

Occasion filter function

3. Segment 

Different target groups ask for different activities. If you know what kind of people visit your leisure center, you can create activity packages that suit their needs. For this, you can easily add a segmentation filter in your webshop. So when someone would like to book a day out with their family, they simply select “Family” and only get to see results that are relevant to them.

Target groups you may have
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Kids
  • Students
  • Business

4. Number of people 

You may have different activity packages for different group sizes. Add a filter that makes it easy for anyone to filter on the number of people they plan to go with. You then filter out all activities that require fewer or more people and only show the activities that this amount of people can participate in.

Number of people filter function

5. Date 

If people would like to book their day out on a specific date, the date filter is essential. After selecting a date, the results will only show activity packages that are available that day. This way, you prevent people from checking out an activity and discovering there are no available time slots on their preferred day.

Date filter function

6. Promotions 

To boost special offers, you can of course place them at the top of your webshop. But to give them extra attention, you can create a promotion filter. This filter can include extra discounted deals or weekday specials.

Promotions filter function

7. Food

The ideal day out also includes food. Laser gaming or go-karting make people hungry, so why not already offer food? When you have packages in your webshop including snacks, lunch or dinner, you can use the food filter to make sure guests looking for these deals will find them.

A filter function for food and drinks

8. Price

To allow people on a budget to get an overview of the activities that are within their budget, the price filter is a must. This enables your guests to select their budget per person and only activities that are within their price range will be shown. 

Pricing filter function

Use pre-filtering to only show relevant activities

On your website, you already share a lot of information about the different activities and packages you have, the occasions you offer and the target groups you welcome. Most likely, you’ve also added a “Book now” button to those pages, because you want your guests to book you. 

This button can lead your guests to your general webshop with all the deals, but you can also use a pre-filtered webshop page. This means that you lead your guests to a page on your webshop in which one or multiple filters are already selected. Your guests then only see the packages that are relevant to the page they visited on your website, which increases the conversion rate and makes the guests’ booking experience smoother. 

So in case someone visits your bowling page, the “Book now” button directs them to a pre-filtered webshop with in the URL and only shows packages that contain bowling. 

You can do this for all types of filters you’ve added to your webshop, simply by adjusting the URL in the “Book now” buttons.

Pre-filtering to avoid a choice overload

What do you do when you’re visiting a webshop with dozens of options to choose from? We’ve probably all experienced it: the more options there are, the harder it becomes to make a decision.

It’s human to then choose none of the options or to choose something and be less satisfied, because you don’t know if it was the right choice. 

The same goes for creating the perfect day out – you don’t want to overwhelm your guests with dozens of options to choose from. That’s why using pre-filtering is a great solution for increasing your conversion rate. You don’t burden your guests with too many choices, but already make it personal and easier by offering only those activities that match the page they visited.

With Briq your webshop has a filter function

With Briq’s online booking system you are 24/7 bookable, so your guests can book you whenever they want. As soon as you get onboarded, Briq sets up your webshop and implements the filters you need to help your guests find their favorite experience. 

These are adjustable, which means you can manage them yourself. In our ecommerce academy we’ll dive deeper in using (pre-)filtering to help you grow your business online.

Are you ready to offer your guests a frictionless experience that starts online? Then get in touch with us and we’re happy to discuss the possibilities for your business.

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