Discover how to stage amazing experiences with Joel Mitchell from Roxy Leisure

Podcast december 14, 2021

In this episode of Let’s Talk Leisure Steve talks with Roxy Leisure’s brand development manager and founder Joel Mitchell.

At age 15 Joel started as a waiter at a local burger restaurant. One day the bartender didn’t show up and he had to take over. Straight away he loved it. His specialty? A mean old-fashioned with brown sugar at the bottom, a big slice of orange peel and a great looking glass.

Joel went on to work as a bartender before, during and after university, and consequently got into competitive socializing with Roxy Leisure.

Roxy Leisure is all about creating the best customer experience, where the atmosphere at the bar and the right music are key. The product comes secondary, but still has to be brilliant to guarantee a great experience.

When I first started working at Roxy, I knew it was brilliant, but I didn’t know why.

‍Discover how Joel uses surveys to gather key information and create the best experiences. How he learned how to target people to come visit from Monday to Wednesday, and find out what Roxy Leisure is all about and sets them apart.


To sum up…

It’s been a great experience talking to Joel. Roxy Leisure’s focus on a quality customer experience is something we at Briq greatly admire and also strive for.

We focus on the moment before you even enter a venue, namely the online booking experience. The way we see it… If booking and scheduling is easy, personal and fun, the experience at a venue will be even better.

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