Why you need multi-activity experiences and how to get started

Customized experiences juli 14, 2024
start selling multi-activity deals

What if all guests that normally book only single activities at your venue were to book multi-activity deals instead?

First, you’ll see an increase in revenue. From now on, your guests are very likely to book your venue for 2 or more activities. Guests that engage in multiple activities in one visit also stick around at your venue for longer and spend more on food and beverages.  

Second, you’ll notice that your guest experience improves. With tailored packages for different audiences you surprise guests with a personalized day out. Guests have more fun at your venue, return and even recommend your venue to their friends and family.

The leisure industry’s heart beats for the best experience possible, which is exactly what you’ll get from transforming single-activity to multi-activity experiences.

How to successfully turn single-activity guests into multi-activity guests? Create different packages for each type of guest at your venue.

What is a multi-activity experience?

Multi-activity experiences are packages of multiple activities. These packages can consist of a program with several (different) activities and can also include food, drinks or other available extras.

4 steps to start with multi-activity experiences

1. Know your customer and make data-driven decisions

Before you start bundling your activities into multi-activity packages, you need to make sure these play into what your guests like. For instance, will guests that enjoy go-karting want to play arcade games after or do they prefer to add laser tag in their package? 

Divide your guests into groups to provide each one of them with custom experiences. Students  may look for a whole different combination of activities than families. Test different packages and see which one sells best for which target group. 

According to our data from leisure businesses from all around the world, here are some best practices for packages for different guest types:

  • Families love activities that are fully kidsproof and diverse. Include lunch or dinner, so that the whole day is taken care of.
  • Groups of friends enjoy a fun and sociable multi-activity deal. To target them, propose a deal that includes for example arcade games, bowling and drinks at the bar.
  • Students look for an affordable deal that’s fun to do with their friends. Offer them discounted deals during off-peak hours and beers included for a good price.
  • For a great kids party deal, combine activities kids love such as go-karting, bowling, and laser tag with soft drinks and snacks for the kids.
  • Guests that host bachelor parties love bowling, arcade games and escape rooms. They will for sure want drinks after, so unlimited drinks and bites can’t be missed in this package.

A data-driven approach will help you determine which deals and activities work best for each type of guests of your venue. Moreover, it will tell you what your strengths and weaknesses are. Collect guest data through your website, with tools such as Google Analytics and Search Console, or via surveys and social media. Our free ebook tells you exactly how to read and use your data.

2. Combine exciting activities or pick new ones

Once you know what your guests are into, it’s time to make a selection of activities and bundle them together into fun deals. For example, R1 Indoor Karting combined 1 go-kart race with interactive darts.

multi-activity experience with go-karting and interactive darts at R1 Indoor Karting

R1 Indoor Karting also included special packages for groups of friends and families. Families can race together and put their physical abilities to the test in the TimeZone virtual time machine.

Multi-activity experience with go-karting and TimeZone at R1 Indoor Karting

In need of fresh and new activities? Get inspired by these new and sociable activities to add to your venue or check out which activities are most profitable for your venue.

3. Make your multi-activity deals bookable online

Now that your venue is ready to offer bundles of activities, they should be easy to book online. That’s where multi-activity software comes in.

Briq’s multi-activity booking software makes everything your venue has to offer available online. Not only does it guarantee a smooth booking process for your guests, it also saves you lots of time since the software also schedules all bookings. No matter the activity, group size or booking day, guests can book their multi-activity experience 24/7 in your webshop.

Curious? Look into what happens once you start automating your booking process or read about other leisure venues that have already started.

4. Advertise your new activities

Promoting your package deals online is the final step in transforming your venue into a multi-activity paradise. Generate more traffic to your website by improving your SEO. Set up landing pages with great content, the right keywords and catchy metadata. SEO optimized pages will rank higher in Google. 

Another way to get more traffic is with Google Ads campaigns. A well optimized campaign can work much faster than SEO, as you reap the benefit from SEO in the long run. Learn how to target the right audience with Google Ads to boost your sales.

Finally, use email marketing to grow your number of bookings. Attractive emails will get high open and click through rates. Here are some tips to test which emails work best for your venue.

Get in touch with Briq – the only booking software that enables multi-activity scheduling

Are you ready to get the most of your venue with multi-activity experiences? 

With Briq’s multi-activity scheduling software, you can trust that all your activities, packages and extras are easy to book and schedule. Briq saves you time, money and improves your guest experience. 

Contact us to discover all possibilities or register for your free trial.

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