Sheryl Bindelglass shares key tips for FECs

Podcast mei 17, 2024
Sheryl Bindelglass Cover

In this month’s Let’s Talk Leisure podcast, Steven meets ultimate connector of FEC insights Sheryl Bindelglass, CEO of Sherylgolf, covering everything that defines a leisure center’s success from a great website to the type of toilet paper and number of trash cans on your parking lot.

Sheryl shares her approach that defines her success. Key words? Customization,  proven systems, and a great focus on details – working with a checklist of no less than 250 points when taking on any new clients.

Listen to this podcast to learn about the core principles to grow your sales and how to address your staffing problems. Sheryl does not hold back with incredibly valuable insights. It’s clear why she’s the go-to person for any leisure center that wishes to address any problems, improve, and grow.

Keen to learn more about some of the topics Sheryl has talked about? Read about how you can make sure your grandma can book your activities with a perfect mobile-friendly webshop or how to make your guests feel safe in a post-pandemic world.

Sheryl will also be attending the IAAPA Expo in Orlando this November, just like Briq Bookings. So, don’t hesitate to schedule in a meeting to meet us there!

We’re looking forward to talking about your online success through online multi-activity booking and scheduling and a great online success strategy with a flawless webshop.

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