Sustainable recreation ideas to make your leisure business greener

Leisure industry juli 13, 2024
Sustainability trends and tricks

Maybe you already use recycled equipment, eco-friendly toilet paper or local food… There are many easy ways to contribute to the environment. And did you know that it also saves you money?

Let’s have a look at the benefits of being more sustainable for your leisure center and run through 9 tips to make your venue a little greener. 

Benefits of sustainable recreation for your leisure center

Possible benefits of sustainable recreation for your business are that you can…

  • Save money
  • Contribute to society
  • Advertise that your leisure center values sustainability
  • Save time
  • Become future proof
  • Save trees by becoming paperless


Save money with easy actions together with your employees

Involving and training every employee in making your leisure center more sustainable helps to increase commitment and awareness. Reminding each other to close the doors, turn off the lights or switch off equipment saves you money and is better for the environment.

Another idea to reduce costs is to monitor the consumption of gas, water, electricity and waste at your venue. It provides you with information that allows you to determine which measures give you the fastest returns. 

Turning down the heating in rooms you don’t use could already make a big difference. This of course depends on where you’re located and what season it is, since you don’t want your guests to freeze either.

Get a certificate to show you contribute to sustainable recreation 

To demonstrate that you value sustainability, you can obtain a sustainability label. To receive a label, such as Green Key, you need to meet their requirements regarding environmental care and social involvements. 

This could include initiatives like contributing to the local environment by planting trees or having a team responsible for monitoring the sustainability of your leisure center. You’ll become part of a big network and receive many ideas for sustainable recreation from businesses in the same industry to stay future proof.

If you have such a certification, show it in your venue and advertise you’re a sustainable leisure center. People do like it when businesses are responsible and care for the environment.

Save trees and time by becoming paperless

With today’s digitization there’s no need for any real paper – from booking information to contracts. Briq’s online booking system makes it possible to easily manage your calendar, bookings, waivers and more online.

This helps you to work more efficiently and to keep an overview of your daily tasks. Having a paperless office saves you a lot of time and you contribute to a better environment.

9 ideas for sustainable activities and a more sustainable leisure center

Next to using LED lights and lowering the heating, there are many ways to become greener. How can you contribute to sustainable recreation? Have a look at these ideas.

Also, check out Greenloop, Blooloop’s online event coming April for the attraction industry where you receive many sustainable recreation ideas and inspiration!

1. Zero emissions with awesome electric karting 

Electric karts offer a sustainable activity with zero emissions and are still as great as petrol karting. They give you a whole new experience, because they don’t make noise and you can actually accelerate faster.

Briq clients who already offer ekarting are Zero55CoronelThe Maxx VeenendaalR1 Indoor Karting – and there are many more.

2. Activities that require less space 

The less amount of space you need for your activities, the lower your bill for gas and energy. Activities that only require a few square meters are:

  • Escape Rooms – create amazing rooms for your guests where they spend an hour puzzling and solving riddles, without needing much space
  • X-cube – you only need 16m² to accommodate awesome games for 2 to 6 persons
  • Virtual Reality – everything you want is possible without polluting the environment, like being a jet fighter pilot

3. Outdoor activities to enjoy nature

Spending time in nature takes people out of their busy lives and has a relaxing effect. If you’re considering offering outdoor activities, there are many eco-friendly options, such as ziplining, building your own raft or stand-up paddling.

To complete the nature experience, you might want to offer picnicking as a lunch break. Using local products and bamboo tableware items is a sustainable choice, and you could of course ask your guests to return the waste to your venue.

4. Select the right equipment 

Equipment that’s made of strong material will last longer than cheaper equipment. Nowadays there are many options for high-quality recycled materials, which are a great sustainable choice. 

You could, for instance, decorate your venue with chairs made of used (kart) tires. Other ideas are recycled bean bags, art and furniture or workwear made of recycled cotton for your employees.

5. Sort waste to reuse raw materials

Do you give your guests the opportunity to separate plastic from paper waste? If you do so, the quality of discarded products remains better than when you throw them in the same bin. 

Sorting waste makes it easier to reuse the raw materials in waste, which is better for the environment than making new raw materials. It also reduces the annual waste processing costs, so it’s a win-win situation!

6. Use motion light sensors

To prevent that lights won’t be switched off after leaving a room, you can use sensor-controlled lights that respond to motion. The sensors are triggered when motion is detected and the lights switch on. When the motion stops, the lights automatically switch off.

It reduces the electricity consumption, which is better for the environment and saves you money.

7. Take advantage of the popularity of vegetarian dishes

Delicious plant-based sausages and burgers, mushroom risotto, vegetable lasagna or flammkuchen with chicory – the variety of vegetarian dishes is enormous these days. And the fun thing is people love it! 

Take advantage of the demand for vegetarian and vegan dishes and at the same time contribute to a greener world.

8. Make your venue green with plants

Bring a touch of nature inside by placing several green plants in your leisure center. Not only are they good for our well-being, they also absorb harmful pollutants and purify the air.

Improve the quality of the air you and your guests breathe indoors with a Weeping Fig, Aloe Vera or Areca Palm.

9. Visit an event to find out how you can contribute even more to sustainable recreation

There are events especially for leisure businesses, to talk about sustainable initiatives and the latest trends and developments.

One of these events is Greenloop, an online conference to inspire each other within the attraction industry and share best practices to become more sustainable in the business. It takes place in April.

Briq’s online booking system

With Briq’s online booking system and multi-activity scheduling software, you centralize all your bookings at one place. 

This means offline schemes with all bookings belong to the past, because you’ll have a clear digital overview in place. This saves you a lot of paper and enables you to optimize your operations and become more successful online.

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