Create the best bowling deals for your venue

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Create the best bowling deals for your venue

Did you know that each guest that visits your bowling alley looks for a different type of experience?

The best way to provide each and every guest the best possible day out is by offering custom deals made especially for them.

We’ve listed the most common guests that visit your bowling venue, and the packages they love. The best part? These deals all allow you to sell multiple activities or extras, to maximize your revenue.

Who likes to go bowling and what do they like?

To present each guest with the perfect deals for them, we’ve divided them into the most common guest types. You’ll find great bowling deals for:

  • friends
  • families
  • kids parties
  • lovers
  • students
  • true bowlers

Bowling deals for friends

A major part of your guests are probably groups of friends. Friends don’t come to your venue just for bowling. They come for the ambiance, music, food and drinks. They’re looking for a fun day or night out together.

Groups of friends like a bowling party package. Combine a few hours of bowling with draft beer, wine, soda and finger food. Make sure your venue has a cool bar that offers unique drinks and premium liquor.

Another way to create a party atmosphere is through a live music bowling package. Your guests can book some hours of bowling while enjoying live music at your venue. They can dance in between turns or watch the artists perform.

To really get a nightclub vibe, try the glow bowling or hyper bowling package with special effect lighting. Festive LED lights and glow in the dark elements combined with music will truly hype up the party. With hyper bowling, you add moving LED targets and other gaming elements to the lanes.

Friends also enjoy trying other activities at your venue, especially the competitive and sociable ones. That’s why the bowling and arcade games package is another great addition to your offers. Let your guests enjoy bowling, pool tables, table tennis and karaoke rooms. For example, 501 Entertainment’s competitive socializing games bring your venue to the next level.

Bowling deals for families

When parents take their children bowling, they’re focused on their kids having a great day. They’re looking to spend some quality time with their closed ones, while having fun and making memories together.

Start by adding a standard bowling family package to your offers. This package includes bowling and dinner or lunch afterwards.

Kids get excited when they can try new things and new activities. That’s why a multi-activity bowling package is perfect for families. Not only will their day out be extra diverse and fun, kids of all ages can participate in activities suitable for them. The City combines bowling with, for instance, mini-golf, laser tag and more. Or look into Superfun, a venue that offers bowling, escape rooms, an ice skating rink and even bubble football.

With a sustainable bowling package, your venue will be extra attractive for parents that care for the environment. You can also promote your venue as a sustainable one, a big trend in the leisure industry. Make your bowling alley green by using recycled equipment, offering vegetarian and organic food and adding plants around the lanes.

Bowling deals for kids parties

Your guests also visit for a kids party, so make sure you have great deals available for them.

For kids parties it’s key to have an offer in which everything is included. The parents or adults that accompany the kids want everything to be taken care of, from the activity program to the food and snacks. They solely want to focus on the kids having fun.

You can even let your employees take care of the group of kids, so that the parents can relax at the bar while the kids have an amazing time.

A bowling kids party package includes bowling, snacks and soda for the kids. Kids love candy, chips or pizza slices, so make sure to include those as snacks.

You can include other activities at your venue in the package as well. For instance, give them the option to book bowling, snacks and soda with arcade games or laser games.

Bowling deals for lovers

Couples that visit your venue want to enjoy each other’s company and dedicate time to one another. A more private arrangement suits their needs.

They absolutely enjoy a bowling and dining package. Turn the dinner into a true tasting experience with an incredible menu and wine for each course. Heart-shaped pizzas are a great alternative for a more casual dinner. Create a romantic table setting and give the couple the possibility to give flowers to their significant other as a surprise as well.

A bowling and lounge package is also great for couples. After bowling, they can get drinks at the VIP lounge. Make sure to add bottle service as an option.

Present the lovebirds your other activities too as an extra. In an escape room, for example, they will have to work together as a team and will really get to know each other.

Bowling deals for students

Students are usually looking for a fun deal for a fair price. They often come in groups with friends to socialize at your venue.

For the perfect student bowling package, let them book your venue during off-peak hours for a discounted price. Make the deal even better by including other activities, such as karaoke or arcade games, and by adding beers to the deal for a good price.

Bowling deals for true bowlers

You can’t forget about the experienced bowlers at your venue. They come with one goal, and that’s practicing their bowling skills and challenging others.

A true bowler competition package speaks to their competitive spirit. They take on other bowling fanatics and the champion wins a cup. Hand the prize over on a podium, so that the proud winner can take pictures.

This type of guest also loves practice days. Invite a bowling professional to give tips and tricks for a bowling practice day package.

All your bowling packages bookable online in just a few clicks

Briq can help you come up with the best deals for your guests. Together, we’ll get to know your guests to offer them custom packages and give you tips on how to use online marketing to reach them online. Next to your awesome bowling deals, include other activities to get more out of your bowling center.

With Briq’s online booking system for bowling centers you can sell multiple activities, upsells and cross-sells, in one simple booking. This gives your guests the best possible experience and gets you the maximum revenue.

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