The Maxx Veenendaal is now live with Briq’s smart scheduler and InnoMeer

In the spotlight mei 29, 2024
The Maxx Veenendaal

The integration of Briq and InnoMeer keeps on showing its value. The Maxx Veenendaal is another amazing leisure venue that is now bookable online with Briq’s smart software while running operations with InnoMeer. A combination that offers the whole ecosystem and ensures operational excellence and commercial excellence.

Maximize capacity and multi-activity experiences

The Maxx Veenendaal is a multi-activity leisure venue in Veenendaal that uses Briq’s software to maximize its capacity and enables guests to book seamless multi-activity experiences online. The Maxx is ready to attract the customers of 2021 by becoming an e-commerce-first company with a mobile-friendly online booking system.

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