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Briq HQ mei 29, 2024

Introducing Nicolien Nusselder

Nicolien Nusselder, Head of Customer Success, was born and raised in the countryside of the Netherlands, in the very idyllic village of Hengelo in the Achterhoek. After an internship at DeFabrique and a year of traveling, Nicolien worked at Loc7000 Pay Systems before she returned to DeFabrique as Event Manager/Producer. 

Within a year she was promoted to the marketing department of DeFabrique Holding, the family corporation by the Van Eck family. Here she worked for several companies such as Kartfabrique, JAN Verhuur and the Airport of Twente. Together with Eugene Lubbers, CEO of Briq Bookings, she provided various brand, content and positioning solutions. 

When Thijs Megens and Eugene Lubbers founded Briq, she got involved when the second customer was onboarded. Helping to build Briq to turn it into the successful company it is today.

Working on onboarding, support, success, account management, software testing and content writing, she eventually found her calling in the role of Head of Customer Success.

So Nicolien, why Customer Success? 

What I love about customer success is that it’s our goal to make customers more successful. The name says it all. Obviously, our product is key, but in the end we have a more ambitious goal than just offering a product to help our customers.

With our Customer Success Team we take on a proactive role to engage in a lasting, loyal and successful partnership with our customers to deliver value and help them grow. How? By helping our customers digitize their leisure business through our USPs: easy online booking, multi-activity scheduling and increasing average order values

With our product enabling this, a whole new tool box opens up that our customers can use to achieve more growth. Let me elaborate. 

What happens when clients start working with Briq

After becoming online bookable 24/7 with all activities and combination packages the first question to ask is if your website and webshop are successful. Referring to the funnel conversion percentages. Getting these percentages up is one of our main goals as Briq’s Customer Success Team.

We look into how leisure venues can generate more traffic to their website, get better conversion rates from website visitors to webshop visitors, and automatically get more bookings. Through combination packages and skillful upselling and cross-selling this also results in a higher average order value. Plus the bookings are automatically scheduled with our scheduling software, saving our customers heaps of time.

Guiding our customers through that process, giving them the right data insights, thinking along with them, providing them with new ideas… That’s what’s so enchanting about Customer Success. It goes beyond implementing software. And gives us the opportunity to truly help customers become more successful. 

What makes a great Customer Success Team?

For me, a great Customer Success Team is able to lift their customers up and make them more successful at using a product. But not only that. It’s also about constantly inspiring and motivating customers to take the next steps in achieving their goals. 

To get there, our Customer Success Team consists of 4 sub teams: onboarding, support, education and success. The moment that these sub teams work together perfectly, they function as the customer’s voice within the company. 

As a team we’re also responsible for teaching our product team how our customers use our product, what can be optimized, what their wishes and chances are, and which new features should have priority. 

What’s Briq’s Customer Success Team like? 

We have a team of 9 people who focus on seamless onboarding, support, education and, of course, customer success. Our aim is to always assist our customers as fast as possible and to provide them with the right guidance. Sharing our knowledge about online booking, ecommerce for leisure and multi-activity scheduling.

What we’re working on

Currently, we’re working on many projects to better serve our customers. Where do I even start? 

  1. We’re more focused on sharing our knowledge through our newsletter, the Briq Buzz, and a monthly customer email about recent articles we’ve written to keep our clients up to date with the latest trends and best practices 
  2. We’re improving our success sub team to give more scalable and at the same time more personalized advice to our clients
  3. We’re extending our support beyond many borders, adding new languages and working hours
  4. We’re migrating to new all-in-one support systems and we’re improving our project management to stay in control 
  5. We’re optimizing our E-commerce Scorecard and E-commerce Academy for customers

What is Briq’s E-commerce Academy? 

Briq’s E-commerce Academy and scorecard is our way to transfer our recipe for conversion and success to our customers. To be successful online there are specific ways in which you should build your website. The first goal is to get your website visitors to click through to your webshop. This is called conversion. The second goal is to get webshop visitors to book your experiences. Again, the percentage that clicks through to book is the conversion rate. Plus, there are many known ways how you can market your leisure business online. 

Advance, Expert and Master courses

Picking apart and putting together the ingredients to get to successful conversion rates, we created the E-commerce Academy.

During the Advance, Expert and Master course we dive into the little and bigger adjustments leisure venues can make following our recipe for success. This ranges from simple things such as always showing your “Book now” button in the same color at all times, adding attractive visuals and writing clear and motivating copy, to creating specific pages for specific target groups and how you can set up a remarketing campaign. Everything that has to do with online marketing strategies.

Using our E-commerce Scorecard we rate our customers’ current online visibility and strategy. To give them personalized advice that guarantees them to become more successful online. 

What are you most proud of in your team? 

There’s so much to be proud of. First of all, we’re successfully onboarding and coaching clients in The Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, the USA, Dubai, Australia and New Zealand. We developed the aforementioned E-commerce Academy. We started working in 4 sub teams with their own specialities. And we set up clear workflows to onboard new colleagues to guarantee quality.

Also, we managed to stay positive and energetic, even during lockdowns, very much believing in the power of our software. On top of that, we’ve got clear goals we’re working towards in 2022 and our team runs super smoothly.

And well… Those efforts are rewarded. With great Capterra reviews and an average score of a 9+ for our onboarding. I truly feel that step by step, we’re conquering the leisure world with our booking and scheduling software.

How do you feel about 2022? 

I’m really excited about 2022. The product and the team are ready for growth and we can’t wait to share what we have to offer to a larger audience.

With our niche, multi-activity booking and scheduling, we effectively help customers digitize their entire booking flow. That’s why I expect that Briq will have a major impact on multi-activity FECs globally!

What’s the best tip you give to your customers?

The very best tip is to start making data-driven decisions. Often we have to convince customers to change something that works according to them, while our data shows otherwise. Changing and updating internal processes and adapting to data is key for any company’s success, not just in the leisure industry.

Especially when it comes to determining which deals sell, which upsells work, why conversion rates increased or dropped, which deals got great results and what the occupancy rates are truly like… Data can give you a definitive answer as to what works and what doesn’t, and helps you take the right steps to grow. 

Also, get online!

Oh and can I add something to that? I’d like to advise every leisure business owner to go all in when it comes to online. Make sure to automate and digitize your processes and customer journey as much as possible. When you do so, your employees will finally be able to focus on what’s most important for them: larger projects, online marketing, email marketing and actually optimizing your guest experience.

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