Nieuw Communication

Briq Bookings werkt samen met Zendesk

Beheer eenvoudig uw klantrelaties via Zendesk

Quickly help your customers

Your guests’ booking information is directly sent to Zendesk. This means you can swiftly help your customers based on the right information.

Avoid manual errors and save time

Having all the right information at hand at once, you avoid manual errors. Not having to switch between software, you save time too.

Create a better guest experience

Not having to ask many extra questions about the booking, you can speed up your support and create a better online guest experience.

Hoe werkt het?

  1. Your guests book your experience and get a unique booking code
  2. Whenever they have questions, you simply type in that code in Zendesk
  3. The integration enables a swift retrieval of all your guests’ information
  4. Zendesk displays the booking information so that you can aptly support your guests

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