Venue Management Software

Bedrijfsvoering wordt eenvoudig met InnoMeer

Eenvoudig inplannen van uw online boekingen in uw venue management systeem

Operational excellence

To save your staff time, your bookings will automatically be sent to Innomeer.

Maximize your capacity

With Briq and Innomeer you’ll know which activities to push and how to use your capacity in the best way possible.

Focus on your customers

Opt for unforgettable customized experiences with your Innomeer & Briq integration.

Hoe werkt het?

  1. Your visitor enters your website to book a unique day out
  2. Your visitor seamlessly navigates to your webshop to book a multi-activity experience
  3. With your website and webshop with the same look and feel, your visitor’s booking experience is smooth and simple

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