Main benefits

With Briq your guests can book online their scheduled group and multi-activity outing. On top, they can add an extra round of their activity or add different activities, plus food, drinks or other requirements. All this is arranged in one flawless single booking. With Briq, you can increase 30% of your bookings in number and value.

Smart Planning

Bundle full experiences

Saves everyone’s time, so employees can focus on serving the customer better. A full outing, the way they want it, in one single booking. In 2020, consumers do not want to have the same experience as everyone else. As research shows, 85% of customers across all age groups said that customized experiences are far more appealing than one-size-fits-all solutions.

Mobile first

Be on every device

100% guest convenience. 82% of all travel bookings in 2018 were made online via a mobile and more than 50% of the bookers, book an activity within 72 hours of the activity date. It is estimated that by the end of 2021, 73% of e-commerce sales will take place on a mobile device. The arrival of 5G will only reinforce this. Therefore, it is more important than ever to have a mobile responsive website.

Online 24/7

Online bookings always available

Be where your guest is. Let him book when he wants, not only when you’re open. More than 40% of all guests book outside opening hours. Being out there 24/7 will help you accumulate worldwide visitors, plan for staffing, and with Briq, you can lead up to 50% growth in Average Order Value in 12 months time.

Up-sell & Cross-sell

Get many more bookings!

More online bookings with a higher value. That means - more revenue! Our current customers show an average online order value of $150. Due to a dynamic competitive landscape in leisure, more companies look for ways to stand out - or to save money. The benefits of clustering businesses and activities reinforce each other and spread risk within the operation.

Easy online payment

Receive upfront payments

Close deals fast and easy. Save time and front-desk efforts. research shows that more than 50% of both Millennials and Gen Z shoppers would be more likely to buy with a brand that has financing options, such as “Buy Now, Pay Later”’. Your customers are highly likely to complete the purchase once they have made it to the checkout, which is why you do not want to lose them at that point.

Taking leisure businesses from all over the world towards success.


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