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A smart ticket software for the leisure industry

With Briq, your guests can create the perfect outing, whether they are 4 people or 400. They will find everything they are looking for in one simple and friendly booking experience, ensuring a VIP treat during the online-booking process.

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“Since we started working with Briq, we have doubled our turnover.”
Martien Veenstra, company director Kartfabrique
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Your guests book a perfect day out

Give your guests the freedom to choose and stay in control of your experience.

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You and Briq: the ultimate partnership

Innovation is necessary but can be very daunting. This is why we have developed a four-step plan to help you position yourself and grow in the online world. Interested in finding out more?

For businesses in the leisure industry who are ready to take the next step.

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  • Choose Briq and prepare your leisure business for the future
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  • Sell more and see even bigger reservations
  • Increase your online sales and get more out of every euro that you spend on marketing
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