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Our team strives for making BRIQ easier, faster and better. Below are our most interesting release notes. Find out what our team has been developing lately.

New buttons "I want it" and "View deal"
November 4, 2019
Recently we have been testing the BRIQ shop on conversion optimization. These tests have shown that adding these two buttons resulted in an increase in conversion.
Add text to confirmation email
November 1, 2019
You can add your own text to the confirmation template. You can even format the text, making it bold, cursive or underlined.
improved visibility business booking
October 11, 2019
Click paths are improved, making information more (faster) accessible in business bookings.
Images on Extras page in BRIQ shop
October 7, 2019
On the Extras page (the upsell products) in webshop images have been added. According to research people are more inclined to purchase when images are shown and they perceive the booking experience more positively.
Hide inactive products and deals
September 23, 2019
In Products in the Products or Deals tab it was previously not possible to hide inactive products or deals. This has now been made possible.
Sell exclusive products online
September 20, 2019
In Product, “Exclusive” has been added under Edit product. Check this box if the product is offered as an exclusive product. Note: when you place a booking with an exclusive product, other products cannot be scheduled in the same time slot.
Use of Google Markups
September 16, 2019
By using markups, Google gives the product pages more visibility by, for example, displaying an image, description or prices. Previously, only the URL of the website and product name was visible.
Date selection in Schedule
September 13, 2019
Previously, the start and end date of deviant opening times had to be selected in two separate fields on the Schedule page in the BRIQ.app. These have now been merged. Click on a day within the date selection field or select a period (start date and end date). Existing changes to opening times can now also be changed later.
Copy and paste lists (Names)
September 2, 2019
Copy and paste larger amounts of names into the "edit visitors" screen. Select your desired field. Copy (for example from a text file, e-mail or excel file) the list of names and then paste it into BRIQ.app. All fields are then filled from top to bottom. (Note: this only works in the Name field, not in the E-mail field).
Crop picture from deal
August 30, 2019
Choose how to crop your picture (horizontally or vertically) on the single page.
Sell activities per team
August 26, 2019
For activities that are configured as a team activity, it is possible to enter a per person price and / or a team price. Note: Do you want to use this new price option? Then contact Nicolien to go through the settings.
Add financial contact person to booking
August 16, 2019
The Add financial contact button has been added to a booking in the Customer tab. This allows you to add a financial contact person to a booking. For example when the name and address details on the invoice differ from the main booker.
Quick filter “Show today” in Bookings
August 2, 2019
In the Bookings table, a Quick Filter today has been added on the left. With this, all bookings with a start date (execution date) can be quickly filtered today.
Show "Enter company" modal
July 29, 2019
When you enter the shop for the first time, a modal opens immediately to enter your company. This ensures that when using team pricing or pricing per booking, it can be updated immediately.
Updated prices after entering company
July 29, 2019
Immediately after entering the company, the starting prices are converted into the final price per person.
New product has matching numbers
July 26, 2019
When you add a new product to an existing booking via “Add product”, it automatically receives the total number of visitors.
Indication of payment
July 22, 2019
The “Paid” column has been added to the worklists, with "Yes" or "No" indicating whether the booking has already been paid. This will also be visible on the print version.
Resend proof of payment
July 15, 2019
It is now possible to resend the payment receipt in addition to the confirmation e-mail. The button in the left menu has been changed to 'Send mail'.
Create and print operation lists
July 8, 2019
The new operation lists function is now available under Reports. Start by selecting the desired date and the activity(s) for building the list. The list is sorted by start time and shows all bookings in this order. Click Print to print the list. Click on Export to download the list as a .csv file. You can then edit or complete the list yourself in, for example, Excel or Google Spreadsheets.
Click freely on plan board
July 5, 2019
After clicking on a new booking you can now click freely in the planning board to select time slots for different activities. The "add a new time slot" button has been deleted.
View blocked time slots on plan board
July 1, 2019
We made it possible to click on a blocked time slot, so you can see why it is blocked. A modal opens on the right side of the screen with additional information.
Edit date and group in funnel
June 28, 2019
Up to and including step 2 in the funnel it is possible to change the selected company and date. After step 3, where you choose a time, this is no longer possible as the booking will be finalised in the next step.
Show stopper 'shopping cart'
June 24, 2019
An entry in the funnel (or so called shopping cart) that prevents the customer from continuing has been made visible. It shows the customer which steps he/she still need take.
Optional checkbox in checkout for e-mail campaigns
June 21, 2019
Enter a URL where more information is given about email marketing (in the admin version of BRIQ). When the URL is entered, an additional, optional, check box will be visible in the check-out.
General terms & conditions in confirmation e-mail
June 17, 2019
At the bottom of the confirmation e-mail template a statement has been added: "General terms and conditions apply to this booking". The words 'general terms and conditions' are a link to the webpage of your company with general conditions (already in Briq.app).
Budget filter
June 14, 2019
The Budget pp.p. filter has now been added to the shop by default, this filter option is collapsed by default. When you open the filter, you will see a slider with the lowest and highest amount of all deals automatically. The slider can be dragged as desired by the customer.
Webhooks bookings
June 10, 2019
Four events have been made available as webhook: New booking (both: complete, incomplete and concept), Booking updates Booking status change (status = canceled, no-show etc.), Executed booking (execution date expired). With these webhooks it is, for example, possible to create e-mails and send them automatically.
Multiple deals within one booking
June 10, 2019
We've added the feature to add multiple deals in a booking. The 'Add deal' button has therefore been included in the 'new booking, choose deal and edit schedule' modal. Note: it is currently not possible to add the same deal multiple times in a booking. This is still on the backlog.
Add custom filter
June 7, 2019
The 'Shop' tab of the BU settings page has an extra option “Custom filters”. With this you can make filters for customers in the shop yourself. Click on Add filter to create a new filter option.
Resend mail error status
June 3, 2019
E-mails with an error status can be offered again to send by clicking on the arrow in the mailing list.
Deselect filters
May 27, 2019
Another click on the chosen occasion will cause the filter to be deselected. There are two way of deselecting options, via the sticky filters at the top or via all filters.
Last viewed day on planboard
May 20, 2019
Your planboard remembers the last viewed day, so you don't have to return to the desired date. If you still want to go to the date of today, just click "show today".
Loading time Scheduler
May 13, 2019
The loading time of the Scheduler has been updated. The number of request to the API has been decreased with 95%. This results in a major improvement in the average loading time.
New BRIQ shop live
May 13, 2019
The new BRIQ Shop is live! It gives you the opportunity to show all your deals in a clear catalogue.
Day report expanded
May 6, 2019
BRIQ Bookings added a day report that can be retreived. This reports shows the following data: Turnover - revenue for that day, Sales- achieved sales results for a specific day (new reservations, upsells of current bookings). Only past data can be retrieved. Payments - received payments on the choosen day, split over the various payment methods. Bookings with payment differences - Conflicting reservations on the chosen day (not yet fully paid or refund required) ‍
"Select your check-in time"
April 29, 2019
The text of this step in the funnel has been changed from "Select your time" to "Select your check-in time", to make clear that the time refers to the actual check-in time (not the start of the heat).
Automatic emails for cancellations
April 22, 2019
When you cancel a booking, the customer (if an email address is known in Briq.app) automatically receives an email.
Adding extras optimised
April 15, 2019
The flow for adding extras is optimised, when you click to add an extra, there is no modal with the choice for the number of people. This is now by default the previously entered number of people.
More insight in accounting
April 8, 2019
In a booking, more information is made available about when a booking is/was in the accounting export. Revenue registration can be tracked better and it is clearer which export you are searching for.
Required fields new customers
April 1, 2019
When creating a new customer, only the first and surname fields are required, other fields are optional. Note: if no e-mail address is entered, e-mails can't be sent.
Optimised worksheet in print view
March 25, 2019
Printing the worklists used to cover many pages.The print version is therefore optimised. In addition, a new feature has been added, a "Print" button.
E-mail addresses in booking summary
March 18, 2019
The e-mail address of the customer is now visible in the booking overview.
Check-in multiple times
March 11, 2019
The Check-in button in a booking was previously disabled after the first use. This is no longer the case. The button text changes after a first click to "Update check-in" and can be used several times. Names are sent to external software again after a second click.
Add comments to payments
March 4, 2019
The modal Register payment has been given an extra field “description”, so that coupon codes from, for example, Groupon can be entered directly in this field.
Booking key in tagline browser
February 25, 2019
The booking key is made visible in the browser's tagline. If you switch windows, the unique key is always visible.
Test vs cancel booking
February 18, 2019
A new button with the name "Test" has been added. The purpose of this button is to cancel bookings made as a test. The "Cancel booking" is just for customers from now on.
Unchecked bookings filter
February 11, 2019
We've added an unchecked bookings filter, which shows you which bookings still need to be reviewed.
Origin booking visible
February 4, 2019
Two origins have been added: Admin - order place via app Online - order place online
Unique URLs for deals
January 28, 2019
It is now possible to link to the funnel of a deal through a unique URL. Previously you could only get in the funnel by using the widget.
Smart Scheduler
January 21, 2019
Besides the current scheduler we've added 4 new shuffle methods, which can be set up per BU in the old BRIQ environment: Exhaustive, Cycle, Split Reverse and Cycle And Split Reverse. The default setting will be the current way of sheduling.
Slot type in booking
January 14, 2019
You now able to connect the booking to a slot type: children or adults
Single page click to order
January 7, 2019
It has been made possible to achieve a click-through to the order line of a deal in various ways: 1. Through a widget 2. Via single page of a deal 3. Via a modal, which brings the customer direclty to the order page
Change booking date
January 1, 2019