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Briq helps you grow. How? By enabling you to target, attract, engage and retain the right audience. You will be able to know your consumers through spot-on data insights, and offer them better experiences every time. All this, while getting loads of bookings, smartly scheduled.

Generate traffic

Target the right audience and attract them to your site. Create highly personalized advertising experiences by putting target audiences into meaningful segments and distributing ads to those segments, based on their defining demographics, characteristics, and needs.

"Let us tell you the story about James; a successful leisure entrepreneur. He owns 3 karting tracks and wants to make his business grow. He has decided to make a move on attracting the customers to his website so they can see all his business has to offer."

Enhance your site

Tell your story through an appealing website. Good websites are well organized and follow a structure. They are not cluttered; they are clean and professional. They have sharp pictures, call to action buttons and a clear message, plus details.

"He has a great looking business website; good images, good copy, call to actions, etc. that clearly explains his product/services to potential clients who land on his site."


Track your audience. Tracking metrics help you determine whether your target audience is engaging with your content. Get to know your customers and serve them better.

"Once those potential customers reach his website, with Briq, James is able to identify the audience that is looking for his deals, products and services. Briq enables him to track them and remarket them."

Own your webshop

Offer deals on your shop. Based on Briq’s current customer data, 1 out of 7 visitors complete a booking in the webshop!

"James wanted his own online booking shop, Briq made it happen. The shop was created in no time and with his best deals up, so people can easily find and arrange what they are looking for."

Our smart scheduler builds the outings

Offer perfect tailor-made experiences. Marketers even see an average increase of 20% in sales when offering personalized experiences.

"To solve James’ life, when a customer wants to book a deal via the webshop, the smart scheduler works very fast behind the scenes to create all possible combinations of an itinerary. Based on the scheduler's calculations, the available start times are shown."

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More bookings with a higher value

Get loads of bookings! With Briq, you can lead up to 50% growth in Average Order Value in 12 months time.

"James is ecstatic about the number of bookings that he is receiving, and even better, how much more items they added to their booking!"

Venue management connection

Easy integration with your system. Keep your system fully connected to your current operations and automate your workflow with multiple integrations.

"James business was using a venue management system, so he had no difficulties on connecting it with Briq. This type of integration and many others allowed him to forward and fast. This is definitely making his life easier"

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Best guest experience

Offer an all-inclusive and remarkable experience. 85% of customers across all age groups said that customized experiences are far more appealing than one-size-fits-all solutions.

"Thanks to all that Briq does for him and enables him with, he is able to offer truly unique experiences with much less time required from him and his team, and less operational work for everyone."

Retargeting & retention

Analyse your data and grow your audience! Remarketing/Retargeting is creating personalized ad campaigns, like display ads for example, for users who have previously visited your website or other content. If you want your digital marketing campaigns to give good results, you have to be able to offer visitors a second chance to become customers. This second chance is remarketing.

"On top of everything, James was amazed with how much Briq enables him to know his audience. He is ready to improve and serve his clients better on-site and off-site."

Summary of how Briq helps you grow

Taking leisure businesses from all over the world towards success.


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