Smart Scheduler

Briq makes it possible for your guests to book online their scheduled, multi-activity day out at your leisure business.
Your guests have a seamless online experience and your business capacities are being optimized. The multi-activity booking is scheduled automatically in a smart way.  

The scheduler creates all combinations possible

When a customer wants to book a deal via the webshop, the scheduler works very fast behind the scenes to create all possible variations of an itinerary.

Available times are shown

Based on the scheduler's calculations, the available check-in times are shown and the capacities are optimized. In just a couple of clicks, you get all in one, single, hassle-free booking.

All is planned, for you and your guest!

Once the booking process is completed, time slots are uploaded automatically in your schedule and your capacities are adjusted in your system.

Taking leisure businesses from all over the world towards success.


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