Smooth online booking system

Briq webshops are mobile-friendly and designed to meet your visitors’ needs with our multi-activity booking system.

In just a few clicks your visitors can book their personal customized experience at your venue.

Focus on your customers

97% of your customers want
to find and book you online

Your visitors book online on their mobile phones

Your visitors simply get all the information they need and book your deals online with our online booking software.

Like choosing from an online menu to get takeaway.
Your visitors easily select their activities, book them and even pay online!

Now your visitors have their own personalized itinerary.

Multi-activity + food = fun

Your visitors even include all food, beverages and merchandise they wish to purchase. And of course any extra activities they feel like!

Everything is for everyone. Our online booking system makes sure there's no need to double book for multiple activities or family and friends.

Everything is included in one customized itinerary.

A complete experience

Instead of just an entry ticket to your venue, your visitors are keen to start their complete experience through seamless online booking and scheduling.

They arrive on time and are ready to enjoy a fully planned day of fun.

Payments made easy

Your visitors choose their preferred payment method.

Up front online or at your venue.

“Since we started working with Briq, we have doubled our turnover.”
Martien Veenstra, company director Kartfabrique
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Your guests book a perfect day out

Give your guests the freedom to choose and stay in control of your experience.

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