Laser tag online booking system

If you’re looking to sell your laser tag deals and multi-activity packages online, Briq’s online booking system is the solution. Streamline your operations, get more bookings and increase your average order value.

Aim for a VIP laser tag experience

Your guests easily book your laser tag deals in your webshop with just a few clicks. With Briq you automate communication and scheduling to become more successful.

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Do you want to work more customer-oriented and data-driven, save time on bookings, increase your average booking value and offer the best packages with multiple activities? Then start with our unique online booking solution.


“Without Briq it would be impossible to achieve the visitor numbers that we have.”

Simone V. Marketing Manager


“The easy booking interface and the receptivity of our feedback makes Briq a nice and professional partner to work with.”

Kevin B. Owner


“Briq Bookings has automated a large part, which has eliminated a lot of unnecessary customer contact.”

Ludo V. Manager