Gamecity - Wim: "BRIQ gives us that extra push to grow faster"

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May 31, 2019

In addition to running a real estate company, Wim van der Kooij jr. bought the former Zoetermeer Attraction Center in 2017. His goal? Become the leisure center of the region. "BRIQ Bookings is essential for our next step."


How do you revamp a company? Wim explains: “The weekend after the purchase, I visited various leisure centers in the Netherlands to find inspiration. Here I came in contact with BRIQ Bookings.” With the booking system still in mind, he first took a number of other essential steps: a new company name, new hotel and catering, new activities and new staff. Gamecity prepared this fresh start for the next step: online booking. “You don't only get guests to enjoy themselves with an activity. Thit starts much earlier: during the booking process. This should be as easy as possible!" He adds: "All bookings were made by telephone and e-mail. Our goal was to arrange all sales online. No more hassle with ten emails for one invoice. You can now book your ideal programme online in just a few clicks. ”

"We spend less time on administrative work: our full focus is on the customer."


In November 2018, Gamecity switched to the online booking system within a few weeks. "We were in such a constructive phase: we were just going for it!" Activities and packages can be booked online ever since. “The foundation is there, but we're still developing every day. We are currently working on expanding arrangements and there are more things on our wish list. Colleagues who work with the system on a daily basis also provide feedback, which we discuss with the team at BRIQ Bookings to make the system even better and more user-friendly. ”

"40 percent of our guests already book online"


Wim says enthusiastically: “The energy, thinking power and years of development of BRIQ Bookings is ideal for us as a company. We can sail on the knowledge of the team and the system. They explain us more than we do to them. Together, we are now looking at the possibility of implementing promotions and gift vouchers. ”

"No more hassle with ten emails for one invoice"


“We are more accessible. 40 percent of our guests already book online. In addition, nowadays it is so obvious that you can book online, you want to be part of that. Guests now also find us at times when Gamecity is closed. Booking arrangements is also a lot easier and faster online. ”The system also provides an improvement internally. “Sales and Reception work more efficiently. In addition, they spend less time on administrative work, which means that the full focus is on the customer. "

BRIQing good

BRIQing good

  • 24/7 Ticketshop
  • 40% online bookings
  • 25% more visitors per year
  • Switch to online booking in a few weeks
  • More time for customer care instead of administrative work
  • Affordable packages available for everyone

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