Kartfabrique’s Martien: “Why BRIQ is so succesful? Your guest is in charge!”

Kartfabrique Utrecht

April 10, 2019

Manager Martien Veenstra: “It's nice when it gets very busy, it's just a big challenge. Arranging all bookings by telephone? Impossible! Since 2016 we manage our growth with the online booking system BRIQ Bookings. It can handle our complex arrangements and more importantly: the guest decides what his or her perfect day at the Kartfabrique looks like!”


Mobile is the future. “How will the Kartfabrique cope in a few years' time if we are not available online? It all started with this question", says Martien. “We wanted to grow according to the the needs of our guests: creating something themselves and online. Arranging all bookings by telephone is not feasible anymore. The customer has to be able to book online from the comforts of his own home.” How do you achieve that? “What made it so difficult is that we offer various activities - go karting, laser tag & Prison island - and hospitality. This was managed in separate systems that could not communicate with each other. The market did not offer an integrated tool back then, which we highly desired. BRIQ could develop this for us. "

"People are staying longer and want to do more activities!”


“We started testing small with online selling of a kart session. After that, it became more and more complex: we started selling all activities online and then added hospitality. BRIQ therefore had to integrate more and more tools. It was  difficult sometimes, but essential for the future of the Kartfabrique. Slowly we saw bookings coming in, even when we were closed. This motivated us to also offer entire packages online." Martien adds: "The system is so intelligent that it looks for the best availability and capacity. For example: the Kartfabrique stands for experience. BRIQ encourages internal competition on the track by first opening certain sessions. Are these booked to a certain percentage? Then new sessions are added. There are so many drawbacks that it is far too complex and error-prone to continue doing it manually. ”

“About 70 percent of the guests book online”


"We still learn every day!", says Martien enthusiastically. “We meet BRIQ almost weekly to discuss updates. They work very precisely, in a structured way and classify our wishes based on priority. Of course you would like to have everything at the same time, but they structure our exciting ideas based on priority.” In addition, the Kartfabrique is still busy integrating new systems - such as table management in Het Ketelhuis - in BRIQ. “The team is not doing what we say promptly. They force us to think about business processes and how things can be improved. That makes BRIQ a great partner! ”The Kartfabrique still grows every day.“ Our next step is to get more information from our data. In this way, we not only ensure the best customer experience, but also the most suitable number of staff members. ”


"We entertain between 1400 and 1600 guests on Saturdays. Without the online booking system, increasing this volume is impossible, as around 70 percent of guests book online. The best feature of BRIQ is that customers are able to book multiple activities and then also have a bite and a drink. People staying longer longer and want to do more activities! They have control, can easily make a reservation to their own wishes and change it through this smart system. ”

“The system is intelligent and can handle complex bookings"

BRIQing good

  • 70% online bookings
  • More sales per guest
  • Guests can book 24/7
  • Integration of various complex systems
  • Get insights into your data
  • Guest can personalise towards their own needs
  • Bookings can be edited online easily
  • Growing and improving every single day

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