3 software features you need to successfully run your bowling business

Integrations mei 28, 2024
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Running a bowling business means working with various bowling software. You use software to keep track of the scores and schedule all tournaments, and you need bowling booking and scheduling software for your online bookings.

Let’s dive into the top 3 bowling software features you need  per software type to run your bowling business.

1. Scoring software

Scoring software keeps track of each pin that is knocked over, counts the points and displays the results to your guests. This software is connected to multiple other components on your lanes, such as the overhead monitors, pin spotters and keyboard consoles. The software then automatically displays the results on overhead monitors that are placed on the side of the lanes. 

A great score monitor is easy to read and has special animation modes for, for example, birthday parties or Halloween. Some venues also show advertisements on the monitors.

It’s important to make sure your scoring software is connectable with your specific pinsetter, as that’s not the case for all software. Most bowling alleys use either free fall pinsetters or string pinsetters. Free fall pinsetters let the pins fall freely on the lane. The pins that fall are taken away by the machine, while the pins that stand stay on the lane. With a string setter, you have a string attached to the top of each pin. The pins that are knocked down are pulled back into the rack and the other ones are reset. 

Bowling software pinsetter

Be flexible when it comes to different games and group sizes

A cool attribute of some scoring software is when it can keep track of larger groups and can be used in different modes, such as 5 pin bowling instead of the standard 10 pin style. Guests can choose the game they want to play on the keyboard console. Keyboard consoles either work with keypads or touchpads and some even have a social media interface. This lets guests share their score with friends.

2. Tournament software

Bowling tournaments are competitions between individuals or teams. With tournament software, it’s easy to create and manage tournaments from your computer or phone. The players get instant updates on the lane. Tournament software lets you create a tournament and add players. It will automatically update the scores on the monitor after each round. It also lets you add new rounds if you wish to. 

There are various types of tournaments:

  • Single tournaments – individuals compete against each other
  • Team tournaments – teams compete against each other
  • Blind tournament/bracket tournament – players are randomly matched against each other or in teams

Each type of tournament calls for a different type of management. For example, a bracket tournament requires the software to randomly place players in different teams for each competition. If you want your guests to be able to play multiple types of tournaments, make sure your tournament software enables that.

3. Online booking system

If you want your guests to book your bowling deals online, you need online booking and scheduling software. This software doesn’t only let your guests book your venue, but also schedules each visit in a way that maximizes your capacity.

Your guest experience starts the moment your guests visit your website and webshop. A smooth booking journey is important to get your visitors to have an enjoyable day out and return to your venue.

Choose the right booking software for your bowling business

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