Briq and R1 Indoor Karting celebrate their 2-year anniversary

In the spotlight juli 15, 2024

R1 Indoor Karting, located in Lincoln, Rhode Island, is a 90,000 square-foot action packed destination featuring amenities that are fun for the whole family to enjoy.

This amazing venue joined Briq Bookings in January 2020 and has experienced an explosive growth in 2021, with Briq’s booking power accounting for 50% of their revenue.  

Find out why you can’t miss out on a visit to R1 Indoor Karting and read how Briq Bookings multi-activity booking and scheduling software has helped R1 stay open during COVID and sell many more combination packages. 

R1 offers more than the fastest go-kart track with an Axe Bar, TimeZone, DartCity and arcades

We bet that there’s not a person out there who won’t enjoy themselves at R1. There are so many more activities to experience than karting. Let’s dive into what makes R1 Indoor Karting so unique or visit R1’s webshop straight away.

Go-karting at R1 Indoor Karting in Lincoln

First of all, R1 Indoor Karting’s go-kart track is the fastest, indoor European style asphalt track, designed for a smooth ride with faster racing and better traction. The go-karts are designed with state-of-art green technology that uses the latest lithium batteries, allowing racers to experience the thrill at up to 45 miles (73 kilometres) per hour.

Go-karting at R1 Indoor Karting in Lincoln. Briq Bookings and R1 Indoor Karting celebrate their 2-year anniversary

Axe throwing at the Axe Bar

R1’s Axe Bar features 10 state-of-the-art throwing lanes, music, a photobooth, and a full bar. There’s a safety briefing and people can opt to go for free play or choose from a variety of fun and easy competitive games. 

Axe throwing at the Axe Bar of R1 Indoor Karting

The immersive games of TimeZone

TimeZone is probably the most unique, immersive gaming experience there is. It has just won Rhode Island’s Monthly award for Best Gaming Experience. Like “Meow Wolf” in Las Vegas, TimeZone’s all about an interactive gaming experience to which many visitors respond, “It’s like being in a video game!”

In total there are 25 portals that put their players’ intelligence, physical condition, and hand-eye coordination to the test. Players form teams and have to complete each challenge or activity in these portals to get the most points. 

At R1 Indoor Karting you can experience of the most unique, immersive gaming experience there is: TimeZone.

Competitive socializing with darts at DartCity

Next to TimeZone, there’s also Dart City. An interactive dart experience introducing next-generation gaming and delicious drinks.

Dart City’s lanes are reactive, with real-time scores and instant replays of epic moments. It’s all about competitive socializing where players get ranked and can challenge each other in dart-based missions that truly push the limits.

Competitive socializing at DartCity. Briq Bookings and R1 Indoor Karting celebrate their 2-year anniversary

Arcades and a private event room for parties

The fun doesn’t end here. R1 also has an Arcade with a variety of different games to play and prizes to win. The arcade is there for kids as well as adults.

Also, overlooking the mega track, the private event rooms at R1 are ideal for parties or other gatherings. Plus, when booking your event at R1, you’ll get a dedicated event captain who will be present throughout the entire event to guide your group from stage to stage. 

The Arcade has a variety of different games to play.


Briq Bookings helped R1 keep their doors open and serve more customers than ever before

We asked R1 Indoor Karting’s accountant Ken to dive into the outcome of starting with Briq:

“Although 2020 was an unusual year (with Covid), Briq helped us keep our doors open and serve our customers. In 2021 Briq sales were 5 times higher than in 2020. We also served more customers than ever before, due to the ability to schedule and space out reservations. Nowadays, online booking accounts for more than 50% of our revenue (excluding F&B), with groups of 5 or more participants exceeding 80%!”

“From a marketing and pricing point of view, I like that people have already paid beforehand and then have fresh money in their pockets to spend at the facility on extra activities and Food & Beverages.” – CEO Pieter Martens

The transition to Briq assured visitors of social distancing 

When R1 Indoor Karting started with Briq in January 2020, they took some time to get to know the software before accepting online reservations. But before they knew it the entire world shut down. This really forced them to look at how they could survive as an entertainment facility during a pandemic.

Chief Operations Officer Angelique Landry shares that “It was almost fate that we had started with Briq prior to the outbreak, as we were able to create online reservations for our Axe Bar, Kart Track, and our newest feature at that time, TimeZone. This not only allowed us to adhere to local and federal guidelines, but also assure our visitors that we were taking social distancing and capacity limitations seriously.”

With Briq Bookings R1 Indoor Karting has started selling many more combination packages 

Since then, R1 Indoor Karting has increased their number of online deals and various combination packages that allow their customers to fully understand everything R1 Indoor Karting has to offer. That’s why customers now often try something new that they may not have considered before.

“This has also taken a lot of stress off of our office, by allowing smaller groups to book online and the office to focus on our larger formal party bookings” – Angelique Landry.

R1 CEO Pieter Martens argues that “The main advantage of Briq is the multiple resources. Prior to utilizing Briq, we did have an online booking system for just the Axe Bar, with no ability to incorporate the other activities. With Briq we can have multiple resources that set the correct reset, break and arrival times. In addition, the ability to incorporate the text message functionality (such as check-in reminders) is a huge benefit!”

It’s time to book your unique experience at R1 Indoor Karting

At Briq Bookings we’re incredibly happy with and proud of our partnership with R1 Indoor Karting. They offer unique experiences that we feel everyone should go and enjoy.

So choose any one of their awesome combination packages and you’re guaranteed an amazing day out at R1 Indoor Karting. It’s super easy to book. Simply visit R1’s webshop and select your favorite experience.

If you’d like to know more about the webshop and booking flow, make sure to get a free Briq account. We’ll get in touch with you soon!

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