De Fabriek joined Briq to easily sell multi-activity bookings

In the spotlight april 19, 2022
De Fabriek Harderwijk

Multi-activity leisure center De Fabriek, located in The Netherlands, offers awesome activities like drift karting and VR laser gaming to provide everyone with a great day out. To easily sell those activities online, De Fabriek started working with Briq’s booking system in March 2022.

Although it has only been 7 weeks since they joined Briq, the first positive results are already visible. 

An amazing location with amazing activities

De Fabriek is located in a historic building and represents the old industry of Harderwijk, The Netherlands. It exudes the atmosphere of long ago as you are surrounded by impressive elements that were used to build large machines. Sounds like a great and unique setting for a fun day out, isn’t it?

At De Fabriek you can try the sensational drift karting, also known as crazy karting, which requires a skill combination of speed, agility and technique. The ultimate adrenaline kick is guaranteed. Other awesome activities De Fabriek offers are VR laser gaming and escape rooms.

Recently they also started organizing a rollerdisco which was a great success last time. Are you joining next time?

VR at De Fabriek

De Fabriek was looking for a solution to easily sell multi-activity bookings

With so many innovative and cool activities, it’s understandable that guests like to try more of them in one visit or plan their bachelor or kids party here. To be able to sell these multi-activity packages without spending a lot of manual time on planning them, De Fabriek was looking for a booking system that could help them with this.

“With our previous booking system we couldn’t easily process multi-activity bookings. This went slow and the interface wasn’t intuitive. After some contact with Briq, we were convinced to use their system and were looking forward to receiving more online bookings.” | Julian ‘t Jong – Founder and co-owner of De Fabriek

With Briq, their guests can easily book their activities online, which means the phone is ringing way less than before. Although it’s been only 7 weeks since the booking system is up and running, De Fabriek already notices great results.

“75% of our bookings are now made online, leaving us with only a few custom bookings to process ourselves. Additionally, we are already noticing a growth in sales compared to last year.”

Get ready for your next adrenaline shot

Do you want to try drift karting, VR laser gaming and an escape room yourself? Then check out De Fabriek’s webshop and book your perfect day out in Harderwijk!

Drift karting at De Fabriek

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