E-racing venue Immersive doubled their turnover after starting with Briq

In the spotlight mei 28, 2024

Dutch e-racing venue Immersive surprises its guests with awesome simracing experiences and has created a true racing community throughout the Netherlands.

This innovative venue was one of our first clients when they joined Briq in 2019. Since then, their turnover has more than doubled and they’ve made an extra 30 to 40% from upselling and cross-selling alone.

A simrace center with unique moving race simulators

After owning a sports car rental company, the brothers Ted and Luc Scholten and their partner Sebastiaan Nieuwenhuis decided to use their racing experience for an e-racing venue. And so, in 2017, Immersive opened its doors with racing and 4D racing simulators.

What makes Immersive unique, is that they have a simrace center with professional moving race simulators. In the 4D race simulator with virtual reality you experience what it’s like to be in your favorite car. Smart racing tools analyze your driving style so you know what to focus on for improvement.

An exclusive racing experience speed lovers should definitely try!

Simracing at Immersive

Immersive wanted to be better at selling and scheduling their packages

At first Immersive took care of their own website and marketing, but soon found out their innovative products came with challenges. Their packages didn’t sell well, although they were cheaper than single activity deals.

This, plus problems they encountered with integrating their agendas and different products and services, made them realize they had to find a way to efficiently sell and schedule their activities.

To see how competitors tackled similar problems, they browsed the internet and came across the Kartfabrique’s website – the first venue that used Briq’s online booking system.

“We were quite impressed with how simple the webshop of the Kartfabrique was. But at the same time with how many different activities were put together in a clever way.” | Ted Scholten – Owner and co-founder of Immersive

They decided to get in touch with Briq Bookings to discuss the possibilities for them. Briq was still in the process of whitelabeling their booking process at that time, and was happy to take Immersive along. 

Immersive now effortlessly schedules activities and offers upsells and cross-sells

With Briq’s booking software Immersive now provides an all-inclusive booking experience to their guests. Guests can already buy a longer race or a drink during the booking process instead of through phone or email. 

“It gives us a peace of mind that we no longer have to focus on that part of Immersive. We can now, for example, focus more on the frontend of the website.”

And does it pay off?

“Our turnover has doubled. On top of that, we made an extra 30 to 40% from upselling and cross-selling alone.”

Read more about Immersive’s story and collaboration with Briq Bookings.

Simracing at Immersive

Try these awesome racing experiences yourself 

Are you a speed lover or an adventurer who wants to try something new? Go to Immersive’s webshop to book your experience.

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