How to survive a hot summer: 10 tips for FECs

Leisure industry mei 28, 2024
Survive a hot summer

“Hot summer gives indoor attractions a dramatic year,” was one of the newspaper headlines in the AD on October 23, 2018. Visitor numbers decreased and with it the turnover of many FECs. “It is difficult to arm yourself against it, because the weather cannot be controlled.” The weather can, indeed, not be controlled but there are certainly things that you can undertake to get your activities through the tough summer months.

Here are our 10 tips:

1. Summer deals

Keep it simple for your visitors. You have more competition in outings in the summer. Make your offer so attractive that it is an easy choice for your visitors to make.

2. Dynamic pricing

The warmer, the bigger the discount. This is an inexpensive way to still trigger your guests to still come for some laser tagging.

3. Advertising on mobile

Sell tickets online for your activities wherever your customers. In the summer your guests can be found on their mobile phones a lot. They check in at locations, invite their friends for fun events and many share their vacation photos on social media. An opportunity for every entrepreneur that you cannot ignore!

4. E-mail your regular guests

E-mail marketing is hot and easy to use for your FEC. For example, send regular guests a newsletter with a unique discount code. This makes the customer experience a bit more personal.

5. Focus your offer on children

It is of course a summer holiday and you have to make use of it. Consider for example kids deals, a kart heat with fries and lemonade. This also makes it attractive for parents to bring along their children’s friends.

6. Marketing communication

Ensure that you properly communicate the benefits of your activities, especially during the warm summer months. As the AD states: “Good marketing is the aorta of a company. You have to keep attracting visitors. We do that with extra activities during theme days such as Mother’s Day or Easter. Then they know where to find you, despite the beautiful weather.” Consider increasing your marketing budget for the summer. Many companies scale back during the summer months. Our advice is to invest in marketing.

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7 – Summer up-sells

What about a barbecue, a light snack and / or summer drinks? On the beach you can get a lot of inspiration and take home what might also be interesting to offer at your bowling alley. This is how you create a win-win situation for your guest. Doing your activity and enjoying summery delights.

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8. Build a terrace

How nice it is to sit in the sun after half an hour on the trampoline. In this way, guests can still enjoy the nice weather.

9. Change your opening hours

Take a critical look at your opening hours. Maybe you can extend your opening hours or open your business earlier than usual?

10. Start on time

Don’t let marketing related activities lie until the last minute. Make sure you already have a plan ready for that hot summer. During a heat wave you are probably not waiting for a lot of work to be done in a short time.

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