Introducing Briq’s Sales Dashboard

Online growth mei 20, 2024
Briq’s sales dashboard

We’re proud to announce the launch of the Sales Dashboard, a new tool in that allows all Admin users to access your most important data all in one place. We’ve spent some weeks building this dashboard and we’re proud to share it today and keep adding value to your business.


We want to help you manage the complexity of running a business, by consolidating the most relevant KPIs all in one place. By analyzing the dashboard, you’ll understand how your efforts are impacting your business, but also will give you a clear forecasting perspective.


With the release of the Dashboard, we’ve combined the power and flexibility of a fully custom analytics solution with a simple interface for exploring and visualizing your most critical data. Now it is easier than ever to follow the metrics that matter to you and your team.

The Dashboard is the start to all kinds of monitoring data. We’re learning as we build, and there’s a lot more that we plan to do in the future.


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3 additional benefits

1. All-in-one

Normally, users could spend a large amount of time reviewing and analyzing different reports. This tool allows to see, at a glance, an overall situation report of the desired information.

2. Drill into detail

But, having all-in-one does not means the absence of details. The dashboard is developed with the ability to go deeper in information as required by simply clicking the desired variable in the graphs.

3. Intuitive flow

The Dashboard is designed to be intuitive to any user. The graphic design allows an easy and smooth navigation throughout the information. For example, you can click on a Resource and it will automatically refresh all the graphs with focus on that Resource.


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