Llandegla Laser Combat chooses Briq for smooth online bookings

In the spotlight mei 20, 2024
Llandega laser combat Wales

Leisure center Llandegla Laser Combat, located in Wales, joined forces with Briq in September 2021 to receive online bookings. This outdoor venue is all about laser tag and is the perfect place for an exciting outing with your friends, family or colleagues.

Challenge yourself at Llandegla Laser Combat 

With a venue surrounded by nature and a laser tag concept based on the Call of Duty games, you know you’ve found the perfect recipe to welcome guests for a fun and active day out. Llandegla Laser Combat offers group bookings and open sessions, allowing you to play the games with your own company or with different people.

Familiarize yourself with your MP5 weapon, listen carefully to the briefing and discuss your tactics in advance. In a two hour session you play a range of awesome games, from ‘Team Deathmatch’ to ‘Capture the Flag’, that will definitely give you an adrenaline rush!

Try not to get hit and hide on time, because if you get shot ten times you’ll hear “medic, medic, man down, man down” and you’re out… 

Laser tag at Llandegla Laser Combat

Llandegla Laser Combat needed an online booking system for their awesome games

Llandegla Laser Combat opened its doors in 2014. Since then, they aim to make the guest experience even better each year. Part of this is being bookable online, because a great experience starts with a smooth booking.

That’s why Llandegla Laser Combat started working with Briq’s booking system in 2021. 

“Within a few days after Briq’s demo, our webshop was up and running. Now most of our bookings go through our webshop. 

We’ve had no problems or downtime since we started with Briq and already recommended Briq to someone who joined Briq this year. I’m looking forward to the future with Briq Bookings.” – Mark | Owner of Llandegla Laser Combat

The reactions of their guests about booking online are also very positive. “Everyone we spoke to about the webshop said it’s very easy to use. Some even said that if we didn’t have the webshop, they probably wouldn’t have booked with us.”

Are you ready for an adventure?

Some extra dopamine is never a bad idea, so get ready for an unforgettable experience at Llandegla Laser Combat. Check out their webshop, call your friends and book your next fun mission. 

Llandegla Laser Combat laser tag

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