Laserforce Wellington is live with Briq Bookings to offer the ultimate laser tag experience

In the spotlight september 06, 2021
Laserforce Wellington

Laserforce Wellington has chosen Briq to offer a unique and seamless online booking experience to its customers. From now on, their visitors in New Zealand will be able to book their day out 24/7, without the need to call or send an email.

Enjoy the latest laser tag technology

Laser tag has never been this much fun. At Laserforce you can enjoy the latest laser tag technology. The vests have built-in speakers that keep you informed throughout your mission. For a full immersion and heart-pounding excitement. When you’re done playing laser tag, you can enjoy over 30 arcade games in the arcade hall.

Seamless scheduling and planning with Briq

Briq’s ability to seamlessly schedule and plan all activities was one of the most important reasons for Laserforce to choose Briq. Also, during the booking process, upsells can be added to customize the guest’s experience and increase the average order value.

Your next mission waits…

Don’t miss out on a unique adventure and complete your next mission at Laserforce Wellington. Your experience is guaranteed to be unforgettable. Visit their webshop and check it out for yourself!

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