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In the spotlight mei 29, 2024
Supper Den Bosch and Briq Bookings

How do you best explore a city? Exactly, from the water! That’s what the founders of Supper Den Bosch, Rachèl Cales and Jori Meijer, must have thought too when they started their business.

Located in the city center of Den Bosch, The Netherlands, Supper Den Bosch rents stand up paddle boards to experience the beautiful city from the water. To make booking as easy as possible for their customers, they were looking for a booking system that could grow with them. And so the partnership with Briq Bookings started in March 2022.

An active day out on the water in a scenic setting

From three hours of supping to sunset cruises or “Breakfast and Sup” – no matter what your wishes are, at Supper Den Bosch everything is possible. They offer various packages to ensure everyone has a wonderful day out on the water.

You’ll receive a route map, with which you can discover all the beautiful places of Den Bosch. So grab your SUP and enjoy the “Bossche” waters!

Supper Den Bosch wanted a solution to offer the best possible guest experience

When Supper Den Bosch opened its doors, it quickly became clear that booking a stand up paddle experience should be as easy as possible. This meant that guests should be able to book online based on availability without the usual contact forms – no matter if they booked weeks or months in advance or last-minute. 

“We used to work in a WordPress environment which was sometimes unstable. After thorough investigation and trying multiple other solutions for booking activities including capacity management, Briq was a real winner for us. It offers many options that we are looking for and is continuously in development with new features.” | Rachèl Cales and Jori Meijer – Founders of Supper Den Bosch

The booking process is an important part of the stand up paddling experience, which means it needs to be very well organized. 

“Our website and online booking system are like the client’s first impression. Briq helps us to build trust around our customers by creating a nice first impression of a marvelous stand up paddle experience at Supper Den Bosch.”

Supper Den Bosch is now easy to book through their own webshop

The booking system is now up and running for almost 3 months and helps Supper Den Bosch in their daily operations with a real-time overview of all bookings. Guests easily book their experience online and can even pay in advance. This means no more hassle with cash.

Although the SUP season has just started, the first results of the cooperation with Briq Bookings are very positive. 

“Clients can easily find us and book activities. We have all the required information integrated into one system, which is great. Also, with the various integrations, we can automate, increase efficiency and optimize revenue for our stand up paddle activities.”

Not only is Supper Den Bosch happy with their new booking system, they’re also positive about Briq’s support.

“There is a young team which goes above and beyond to assist you. We had extensive onboarding calls to help us get up to speed with the system. Briq schedules regular calls to evaluate and see where our results could be optimized. If we run into any trouble, the support team is promptly responding within a few hours.”

Want to experience Den Bosch from the SUP yourself?

There’s not much more fun than exploring a city from the water on a hot summer day. Do you want to experience Den Bosch from the sup board yourself? Then quickly go to the webshop of Supper Den Bosch and book your next experience!

Rachèl Cales & Jori Meijer - Founders of Supper Den Bosch
Founders Rachèl Cales and Jori Meijer are happy to welcome you at Supper Den Bosch

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