Trend: book a ride at the Efteling in advance

Leisure industry april 04, 2018
Book a ride at Efteling in advance

The Python in the Efteling has been closed for a while due to renovations and in that period considerable thought and experimentation has been done to prevent the long queues. The Python has always been a very popular attraction, but no one likes to have to stand in line for hours. That is why it is now also possible to book a ride in the Python in advance. How does that work?

The Python

The Python is one of the most popular rides of the Efteling. The roller coaster is for real daredevils, because it goes fast and even has a looping. However, it is therefore one of the busiest attractions. Sometimes you have to stand in line for over an hour. A waste of your precious time of course. At the Efteling they thought so too!

Reserve the Python in advance

From 31 March it is possible to book a spot in the Python in the Efteling in advance. You then appoint a specific time and you can enjoy the Efteling and see other attractions until that time. This is done to prevent you from being in the queue for a long time.

From now on you can easily book your ride at the Efteling in advance. Skip the line and your place in the roller coaster is guaranteed!

Previous experiment

Last year the Efteling experimented for a few months. They discovered that queues decreased to a maximum of fifteen minutes. There is a possibility that in the future there will be more rides that have to be booked in advance.

How do you book a spot in the Python?

There are various ways to reserve your spot the Python. You can do this in the park itself, at different vending machines. However, there is a chance that the time of your preference is no longer available. You can therefore also choose to book online. This is possible on the website and the Efteling App, for example, a few days before you actually go to Efteling. Online booking is usually very easy and fast and is done with a few clicks. Only then will you know for sure that you have a place in that cool roller coaster!



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