Unique experience key to growth in leisure industry

Customized experiences mei 28, 2024
Unique experiences

People are always looking for new and unique experiences. People are less likely to forget unique experiences, and attach much more value to them. This is also apparent in recent studies, which briefly show that unique VIP experiences contribute to the growth of an amusement park, for example. In this article we will further discuss this statement, how your business can respond to this and what influence online reservation systems can have on this.

2018 will be a good year

Prospects for 2018 for the Leisure sector are positive. In its insights, ABN Amro predicts that amusement parks and zoos will have a 2.5% increase in visitors in 2018 compared to 2017. This is partly due to the increasing disposable income of consumers, but also to the rapidly increasing tourism in the Netherlands. This means that most attraction parks and zoos in 2018 can anticipate an increasing turnover.

VIP Experiences

Not only the predicted increase in visits is important for the Leisure industry. More interesting is the fact that no less than 80% of visitors are willing to pay more for an extra or unique experience. Think of exclusive tours, but also something that gives priority to specific attractions. In other words, no less than 8 in 10 visitors to your park or leisure activity are willing to spend more money if an extra or unique experience is offered. If you respond effectively to this, then a disproportionate growth can just be achieve

A striking trend is that dynamic pricing serves as a price weapon against the many discount promotions. Nowadays standard discount promotions are expected in the Leisure Industry. It is no longer the question whether you can get a discount on an entrance ticket, but how much discount can be realised. However, it appears that dynamic pricing works against it. Dynamic pricing is simply saying that the price fluctuates constantly. In the airline ticket market we already find it quite normal that the price of tickets changes from day to day. In the leisure market this is also an emerging trend, and it seems to be working effectively against competitors who offer constant discounts. See for your business if this is an opportunity of growth.

Also, more common these days are inclusion of multi-generation and the extended family. Not only the family is going on a day out, but also grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles and aunts are tagging along. It is important for parties in the leisure market to be aware of this, and to anticipate or be prepared for this. Consider offering a family card, and keep in mind the limited mobility of grandma and grandpa.

The latest, but perhaps most interesting trend is that 9 out of 10 people like to plan their day out in detail from home, by means of, for example, an online reservation system. People like to have the option to arrange and book everything in advance. Whether this is the entrance ticket or the VIP packages, booking in advance is preferred. It is therefore certainly advisable to investigate the possibility of implementing an online booking system such as Briq Bookings. With a booking system you easily arrange everything from home, and thus you immediately respond to the needs of your customer.


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