Verbeter uw advertentiecampagnes met Briq Bookings en Google Ads

Creëer de beste advertentiecampagnes op basis van waardevolle gegevensinzichten met de integratie van Briq Bookings met Google Ads

The right advertisements

This integration enables you to advertise in Google search, display, shop and more, while specifically targetting your potential visitors.

Smart ad campaigns

Now you can create smart campaigns that will improve over time and will help you manage your costs.

Key data insights

The data insights you gain with this integration helps you further improve ads and maximize conversion rates. You will also be able to connect your Ads account to other Google services like Google Analytics.

Hoe werkt het?

  1. If you use Great Stay App and Briq Bookings you can offer multi-activity bookings
  2. Your guests will be able to click on Activities in your app
  3. And will go to your Briq webshop inside the app to book their experience

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