Great Stay App en Briq bieden multi-activity boekingen aan

De Great Stay App biedt nu ook multi-activiteiten boekingen en planning aan via hun gastenapp met behulp van Briq Bookings

Everything in one app

Guests don’t have to switch from app to website. From general information, to ordering breakfast and booking activities like swimming and bowling, they now find everything in one app.

Get extra revenue‍

Because it’s much easier for your guests to book their activities, they’re more likely to do so! Leading to more bookings and extra revenue for you.

Multi-activity bookings‍

Thanks to Briq’s smart scheduler, you will be able to sell multiple activities instead of just one via Great Stay App. You can also add upsells like food and drinks to the main booking. Plus, your guests pay in advance!

Hoe werkt het?

  1. If you use Great Stay App and Briq Bookings you can offer multi-activity bookings
  2. Your guests will be able to click on Activities in your app
  3. And will go to your Briq webshop inside the app to book their experience

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