A deeper view of the Briq & Autobahn Indoor Speedway partnership

In the spotlight mei 29, 2024
Autobahn Indoor Speedway

Briq Bookings has signed Autobahn Indoor Speedway as one of its clients; a key client that arose from Briq’s partnership with Clubspeed, the American market leader in venue management software for leisure and family entertainment centers, just a couple of months ago.

Autobahn Indoor Speedway has 9 locations across the United States and provides a premier indoor go-kart racing experience to hundred-thousands of racers every year. From professional racers to novices out to try something new, they offer a fast-paced thrill that is approachable for all.

With Briq's smart booking software, Autobahn Indoor Speedway is ready to get the most out of online bookings and to increase their AOV.

Briq is something that leisure venues are definitely after, since it enables them to combine various activities into packages plus, with a smart scheduler, the number and value of online bookings can only increase. Besides that, customers are enabled with e-commerce tools to target and reach the right audience.

Briq is definitely making a presence in the leisure industry and it’s on the roll; having signed more than 25 international clients in just a couple of weeks, and the count keeps increasing.

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