How to make your customers feel safe after COVID at your indoor FEC

Leisure industry juli 13, 2024
Make your customers feel safe after COVID at your indoor FEC

The past year has been a challenging one. The outbreak of COVID-19 has introduced many unique challenges that indoor Family Entertainment Centers (FEC) have never faced before. 

As an indoor FEC, you may be confronted with guests who are afraid of getting COVID-19 or even cancel out of fear. In the worst case, you might even have experienced an actual COVID-19 outbreak at your venue. 

How do you make your guests feel safe while hosting them indoors after COVID-19? The answer is to stay connected with them, while providing them with a safe, clean venue with clear guidelines. After all, in these uncertain times, your customers need extra security and care. 

We’ve captured 3 best practices to make your customers feel safe when reopening your leisure center. These will help you stay close to your customer, while keeping the required social distance.

1. Connect with your guests

Chances are that your venue isn’t able to use its full capacity yet. This gives you the opportunity to really focus on your guests. Yes, make lemonade out of lemons. Check up on your customers and ensure they have everything they need. 

Do you see them hesitating at an activity? Ask them if you can explain the activity or if they need any help. Are you hosting a large family? Then try to help out with their children for some time and make sure all kids enjoy themselves. 

Make it personal, show empathy, and pay attention to details. A valued customer will feel safer and appreciate and respect your guidelines.

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2. Show your customers that they’re in a safe place

Make your customers feel safe after COVID at your indoor FEC

Not only you, but also your guests have suffered from the consequences of the pandemic. While some may be relaxed and simply excited to visit your venue again, others may be more worried about their safety. What better way to put your guests at ease than by allowing them to see your safety measures with their own eyes?

Your venue may follow all guidelines required in your country, but if your customers don’t see that, they may still question their safety. Make your customers aware that their safety matters and that your venue takes the measures seriously, for example by:

  • Ensuring your venue looks clean and is being cleaned daily. Looks and smell make the difference.
  • Hanging your COVID-19 guidelines in sight for people to see, for example on the doors of your venue.
  • Placing hand sanitizer stations for your employees and customers to use. Your staff should regularly show your customers that they clean their hands, especially when serving food or drinks. 
  • Instructing your staff to always keep a safe distance to make customers feel comfortable.
  • Making certain to show your guests the equipment is being cleaned between the uses, if equipment is being used by multiple customers shortly after each other.
  • Using facemasks or gloves. Some FECs choose to use these, even when they’re not required for customers. This also depends on the regulations of the country you’re located in.

3. Communicate openly and clearly about your safety measures 

Straightforward information about COVID measures at your FEC is crucial to make your customers feel safe. Be consistent in what you communicate and ensure the same rules apply to everyone. 

You’ll want to list all your measures, as well as other important information for the customers, in various places.

  • At your venue, you can make posters and hang them on doors or print some flyers to distribute on the counter.
  • In the confirmation email you send the customer after they made their online booking. (Is your venue not bookable online yet? Check out Briq’s automated online booking system)
  • On your website, you can create a banner or a different page. Ensure the information is easy to find and to read.

The message you share could be something like…

Make your customers feel safe after COVID at your indoor leisure venue - Briq Bookings

COVID safety checklist for your indoor FEC

Has your FEC done everything to give your guests a sense of security in this post-pandemic world? 

Use this quick and easy checklist to make sure your venue makes your customers feel safe. 

Can you say yes to all these points? Then you’ve done a great job at making your guests feel safe!

  • Your staff gives your guests extra personal attention, visibly disinfects their hands and practices social distancing
  • Your venue looks clean, smells good and is being cleaned on a regular basis
  • Your COVID-19 guidelines are clear and visible on your website as well as at your venue
  • There are multiple hand sanitizer stations available at your venue
  • Equipment used by multiple guests is visibly being cleaned and sanitized after each use
  • Face masks and gloves are being used if preferred/required

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An unforgettable customer experience starts with a sense of security. Staying connected with your guests, ensuring a safe and clean environment, and providing clear COVID guidelines all help. 

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Disclaimer: This information is in no way a substitute for government and medical regulations or information and no rights can be derived from it. Make sure to follow the guidelines for FECs of the country you are located in. Stay safe.

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