Score with SEO 7: Broken links

Ebooks november 22, 2022

Do you want to get started with SEO but you don’t know where to start? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) leads more and better traffic to your leisure venue’s website. 

Basic SEO is important for Google to consider your website as relevant. If I search for “bowling venue near me” in your area, you want to be the trending website. 

One of the ways to make sure the SEO on your website is great is by making sure you don’t have any broken links. Broken links refer to a web page that a user can’t find or access.

  1. Keywords
  2. Meta titles and descriptions
  3. Content
  4. Page loading time
  5. Images
  6. Linking
  7. Broken links
  8. Mobile friendly
  9. Clean URL’s
  10. Improve low performing pages

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Fix broken links 

Broken links refer to a web page that a user can’t find or access. Broken links in your website can crush your SEO ranking and they worsen your guests’ experience on your website. Who would want to click on a link and see this message?

Types of broken links

There are three main types of broken links that can occur on your website: 

  1. Broken internal links, these are broken links on your website that link to your own pages. 
  2. Broken backlinks, these are links from another website to one of your pages that don’t work. 
  3. Broken outbound links, these are links on your website to another website that no longer works. 

To fix broken links, regularly check the links on your website. There are many tools that do this for you, and contact you right away when a link is broken. You could use SE Ranking or Ahrefs

Try Dead Link Checker as a free alternative.

Solve it with redirects to the right pages

Make sure to fix pages that refer to broken links. Broken links can, for example, be solved with a redirect. A redirect sends users and search engines to a different URL than the originally requested one. This can be handy when you’ve moved content to a new URL or when you’ve deleted pages on your website. You can easily create a redirect in the backend of your website by connecting the old and the new URL.

Now you know what broken links are, how to detect them and most importantly, how to fix them.

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