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take data driven actions

What’s the secret to creating an online experience that draws in more customers, drives more bookings, and increases your average order value?

At Briq Bookings we’ve found that the answer to achieving your main business goals lies in best practices, benchmarks, and, above all, data. That’s why we dive into the journey from data insights to baselines and benchmarks, setting micro goals and how to optimize your website and webshop to get you more bookings.

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Take data-driven actions – improving your website and webshop

Your data-driven SMART goals lead you to the data-driven actions you need to take to grow your business. Each goal pushes you and your team to carefully decide which changes you should make to get better results. 

This is the moment that many businesses lose focus. What you want to avoid is that you either put in way too much (not necessarily effective) effort by completely revamping your online experience, or way too little, with only some uneffective changes to descriptions. 

So where, why and how do you start making changes to your online experience? Let’s use the micro goals for getting more bookings that we’ve formulated for Qirb’s Fun Center as the starting point to make result-driven changes to both website and webshop.

Data-driven actions to get more bookings

Choose which actions to take per micro goal that you wish to achieve. By focusing on 1 to 3 actions per goal, you can better measure whether and which actions have had the desired effect. 

Obviously, the number of actions depends on the current status of your online presence. You might have a lot of fixing up to do, or it could be that you can already reach your goals with just a few tweaks because the basics are already there.


Actions to increase the number of visitors to your website

To start attracting more visitors to your website, it’s best to focus on three topics:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – with the right keywords, key content, quickly loading pages, and backlinks Putting efforts into SEO will get your website to rank higher in Google for keywords such as Qirb Fun Center, Lasergaming in <location>, day out in <location>, etc. This increases the chance that your customers click through to your website.
  1. Advertising with Google Ads – targeting and retargeting your target audience With effective advertisements in Google you can generate many more visitors to your website while keeping track of your ROI and optimizing your approach as you learn from the data Google provides you with.
  2. Your social media presence – with your own channels and through influencers Showcasing your deals, content pieces, activities, and events on your social media channel with links to your website will get your followers to visit your website to find out more, which will make it more likely that they’ll book your experience online too. You can also consider getting influencers in the scene involved to share your deals and events to reach a wider audience.

Now, since we don’t want to turn this e-book into an encyclopedia just yet, we’ll only shortly elaborate on the best chances for targeting and retargeting through advertising in Google. After all, our own UX research (Siudak, 2021) has shown that 100% of people who are looking for leisure options will turn to Google for their answers.

Actions to increase the number of visitors to your webshop

More visitors to your website only slightly increases the number of visitors to your webshop. The actions above aren’t sufficient to significantly increase the number of visitors to your webshop. 

What you need to focus on is increasing the percentage of website visitors that continue their journey to your webshop (your clickthrough rate). 

To pull more visitors to your webshop you need to analyze why your visitors aren’t yet stimulated enough to click through to your webshop. Check the following 5 points to identify what you can improve and use the accompanying best practices to improve your clickthrough rate.

  1. Is your website fully functional on mobile devices? Best practice: Work with website templates that are mobile responsive, like all templates from Webflow for example.
  2. Is your website a good reflection of your offline experience? Best practice: Use your brand colors, show great visuals that reflect your activities and the emotions you want your visitors to feel, use motivating copy, share all relevant information, and make sure your website is also easy to navigate.
  3. Is your Book now button that leads to your webshop always visible, easy to find and functional? Best practice: Add a Book now button to the top right of your pages that’s always visible and make sure that when you click on it, it quickly leads your customers to your webshop.
  4. Can you easily identify your Book now button when you’re 3 meters away from your screen? Best practice: Give your Book now button a different color from the rest of your website, so that it visually stands out from the rest.
  5. Have you added Book now buttons to all the deals that you feature on your website? Best practice: Show your popular deals first and add a Book now button with a pre-filter function that leads your visitors to those specific deals in your webshop.

In our additional resources we’ve added all 13 tips to improve your website to get more visitors excited to book your experience in your webshop.

Actions to increase the conversion rates from visitors in your webshop

Getting more visitors to your webshop doesn’t automatically entice them to book your activities. You need a fully functional and great webshop to run your visitors through your booking funnel to the last steps of paying and finalizing their booking.

These webshop tips are essential to make this work:

  • Show your most popular deals first 
  • Make sure your webshop is mobile-friendly and has a filter option 
  • Use great quality visuals that evoke the emotions you want your visitors to feel 
  • Be consistent with your website – always use the same pictures for the same deal 
  • Share clear information about your deals: who’s it for, what it’s about, how much it costs and why to book (USPs) 
  • Provide different options with activities for every budget and segment in your target group 
  • Make checkouts easy with online payment methods and extras (upsells) that don’t block bookings

Pick the right actions by analyzing what your own webshop is currently lacking. Now you’ll know what to improve to reach your goal. You can also opt for a Briq Bookings webshop with which you’re guaranteed to meet these quality demands.

A few tips to target and retarget with Google Analytics and Google Ads

Your data insights with (a) Google Analytics (integration) will help you target and retarget with Google Ad campaigns to generate more website traffic.

How can I target the right groups?

  1. Create ad campaigns for target groups based on location and the main key word your customers type in to find an FEC. For example, Qirb Fun Center could target people from Qirbland who are looking to go lasergaming or karting.
  2. Create ad campaigns for target groups based on age. Your data might tell you that most people who visit your venue are between 20 to 40 years old.
  3. Target a specific gender. Most people who go go-karting, for example, are men.
  4. Create lookalike campaigns where you ask Google to create a target group with people who are similar to the people that have booked your experience.

How could I retarget the right groups?

  1. Create a target group based on the people who have left their shopping cart and have decided not to book your experience in the last step of your webshop. Target them with great Google advertisements and perhaps even discounts.
  2. Create ad campaigns targeting previous visitors – showing them ads 3 months after their visit or for kids’ party 6 bookers, 11 months after visiting.

19,5% of webshop users are returning customers, which correlates well with the 20,7% of bookings by returning customer.

Data-driven actions to increase your average order value

Qirb Fun Center also wishes to increase their average order value. What possible actions could they take to reach this goal with help from their micro goals?

Sell X% more multi-activity experiences combi-deals within one month

  • Create Google Ads to promote their multi-activity experiences and combi-deals 
  • Create great multi-activity combi-deals, possibly with food, drinks and merchandise
  • Feature multi-activity deals first as most popular deals on their website and webshop
  • Improve the visuals and descriptions for their multi-activity experiences and combi-deals 
  • Give discounts on specific multi-activity experiences 
  • Create multi-activity deals for specific target groups and occasions (kids’ parties, stag parties, etc.)

Sell X% more multi-activity experiences combi-deals within one month

  • Push the right extras per deal, taking into account the segment and occasion 
  • Make sure extras are not blocking the checkout 
  • Give discounts on specific extras making it even more attractive to add them to the booking 
  • Use Briq’s smart algorithms to automatically push the right extras and immediately take into account your capacity

Time to take action

You’ve identified which actions you need to take and you’re ready to take action. Tackle the so-called low-hanging fruits by taking the easiest actions you can take yourself first.

With every action you take, you can monitor your data to track the progress you’re making.


These are all the reasons why you should take data-driven actions and improve your webshop and website. Need some help with this? Briq can help you.

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