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Customized experiences January 21, 2022
Your activities will grow in populairty

With the growing popularity of staycations since the pandemic, a trend has arisen in the demand for day activities. People want to create lasting memories with personalized experiences close to home. 

This is a big opportunity for the leisure industry, because it means a large number of people are ready to visit your venue.

‍With Briq’s multi-activity scheduling software you easily create mass customized activity packages, which enables you to offer personalized experiences to your guests. 

A shift from holidays to staycations and day trips

Travel restrictions in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19 have resulted in people not travelling far for holidays, but staying closer to home. Because more people choose for a staycation – staying home or spending holiday in your own country – day trips are becoming more popular. 

This trend is expected to continue after current restrictions ease, because people have discovered there are also awesome activities to do closer to home.

Why this is a huge opportunity for personalized experiences in the leisure industry

Within the experience economy, standardization is no longer the norm. Instead of one standard experience for everyone, the leisure industry is now shifting towards mass customization – a world in which people want to create their own personalized experience. 

Activities should be tailored to the guests’ preferences. This requires leisure businesses to think about how they can mass customize their activities, to offer their guests the perfect experience and make sure it’s bookable at any time.

How multi-activity packages meet your guests’ needs

Day activities are the new holidays. You probably like to plan ahead when you go on holiday – on day 1 you visit the city center and go to that famous fish restaurant, on day 2 you go to the beach and enjoy some gelato and on day 3 you take the train to the mountains for a great hike. 

Nowadays, it’s becoming more popular to do the same when planning a day out. People want to plan more than just one activity, because they want to get the full experience

To make it possible for your guests to book a day with multiple activities including food and drinks, offering multi-activity packages is the solution. Discover your guests’ needs and set up packages with multiple activities and upsell and cross-sell options to complete the booking. 

Find out how Briq’s scheduler automatically creates your schedule and optimizes capacity and use these tips to increase your occupancy.

3 tips to get started with personalized experiences 

1. Be online bookable 24/7 for your guests

Guests want to book their personalized experiences whenever they want, not just during the opening hours of your venue. That’s why offering your packages online leads to more satisfied guests and more bookings. This doesn’t mean that you should stop accepting walk-in guests, it’s always great to have a few free spots for guests that suddenly feel like going out.

With Briq’s multi-activity scheduling software, you’re enabled to create packages with multiple activities and options for your guests to add something extra, like a drink, dinner or another activity. Your guests can book their own personalized experiences at their preferred start time within one single booking. Also for group bookings.

2. Create multi-activity packages for all target groups

Different people visit your leisure center, so knowing your guests’ needs before creating activity packages is key. This enables you to meet the preferences of your target groups and make their day out as personalized as possible.

To illustrate how you can create mass customized packages for your leisure center, we use an example of how restaurants do this with a poke bowl. This dish has many variations with different ingredients and a lot of extras to choose from to make it to your taste. 

Create multiple poke bowls, so there’s something for everyone

Let’s say there are three poke bowls on the menu to choose from that include at least the mentioned ingredients.

Create the best personalized experiences for your leisure center - poke bowl example to illustrate how you can approach this

As you can see, there’s something to choose from for everyone. Which is good, because not everyone has the same taste. Maybe you want to have salmon and seaweed, while someone else prefers tofu with toasted sesame seeds.

Translate this to personalized experiences in the leisure industry

This is how you can approach activity packaging for your leisure center too. There are many target groups – families, kids parties, company outings, bachelor parties etc. – that enjoy different activities.

Examples of mass customized activities

A kids party package could include mini golf, ice skating and a snack – like Paradice Botany did. 

Customized activities example from Paradice Botany, a Briq Booking client

An activity package for friends could include laser tag, VR and food and drinks – as GAMR offers.

Customized activities example from GAMR, a Briq Booking client

A combination of laser tag and arcade time play could be the perfect outing for a bachelor party – as Funzone created.

Customized activities example from Funzone, a Briq Booking client

A special family package could include multiple kart races and a time machine gaming experience – like R1 Indoor Karting has.

Customized activities example from R1 Indoor Karting, a Briq Booking client

Check out our content calendar with special dates to plan special activity packages and to prepare content for your website, webshop, emails and social media in time. 

3. Offer upsell and cross-sell options to complete the guest experience

After you’ve created your personalized activity packages, the next step is adding upsell and cross-sell options to the booking process in your webshop.

‍These are like the optional garnishes, side dishes and drinks the restaurant has added to their menu. In your case they’re extra activities, food and beverages and perhaps even merchandise. 

Offering something extra in the booking process completes your guests’ personalized experience and increases the average order value. Make sure you add upsell and cross-sell options that are relevant to the target group of the activity package. 

For example for kids parties, french fries and soda are great cross-sells and an extra hour of bowling is the right upsell. For bachelor parties it’s different, here unlimited drinks and appetizers as cross-sells and an escape room as upsell are more suitable. 

Upselling and cross-selling gives your guests the chance to complete their day out, but it’s up to themselves to decide what they want resulting in a perfect personalized experience

Online multi-activity bookings with Briq

One of Briq’s goals is making it possible for everyone to book personalized experiences at their favorite leisure center 24/7. We help leisure businesses to target the right audience at the right time. This, to drive more bookings and get more satisfied guests.

With Briq’s online booking system and multi-activity scheduling software you’re able to offer your guests customized experiences. Easily create mass customized packages for every target group. Add extras in the booking flow, so your guests can personalize their day out even more.

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