How does Briq’s multi-activity scheduling software maximize capacity planning?

Scheduling February 23, 2022
Maximize capacity planning with Briq’s multi-activity scheduling software

If you’re looking for ways to optimize your capacity planning to save time and get more revenue, it’s time to start working with an online booking system.

Briq’s multi-activity booking and scheduling software uses an innovative algorithm to calculate the optimal activity program for your guests and automatically add it to your planning. You only have to set up business rules and add activity packages to your webshop. Our scheduler does the rest – also for group bookings.

Let’s dive deeper into this.

Set up business rules for your venue

When you start working with Briq’s scheduling software, your own Customer Success Manager will discuss and set up your business rules with you. Business rules are necessary to create the best experience for your guests. This includes configurations like the lengths of activities, capacity per activity and/or per segments – e.g. go-karting for kids and adults – and break times in between activities.

You decide how “heavy” each rule is. This means that you can say that a short break is more important than the activity order, for example. The scheduler takes this into account when calculating the best program for your guests.

Examples of business rules

There are many different business rules you can configure. To give you an idea, we’ve listed four examples to make optimal use of the scheduler.

1. The order of activities and food and beverages breaks

If you have a fixed order of activities, you could configure this in the system. A rule could be that a go-karting activity should always take place before eating, otherwise people might feel sick while karting.

2. Segmentation of adults and children 

Can children participate in the activity together with adults or do they have to participate in the activity separately? This is something you can configure in your booking system. 

Another business rule to set, could be that if children participate in the same activity as adults, the activity capacity should be reduced. For safety reasons or due to limited material stock.

3. Time slots to be booked in the most efficient way

To prevent your venue from having minimum occupancy during the day, you could choose to set a business rule that ensures multiple time slots are first being filled to 80% before the system opens new time slots. This way you use the scheduler’s option to be booked in the most efficient way. You’ll have more busy hours and you’ll have time slots left for group or exclusive bookings.

4. Minimum, maximum and optimum break times

It’s up to you to decide what the minimum and maximum time between multiple activities should be and what the optimal break time is. The system first checks for a program with optimal break times. If that isn’t possible, it makes the breaks shorter or longer step by step until a suitable program is found, but takes into account the minimum and maximum break time limits.

The scheduler creates the best program for your guests

After you’ve set up your business rules and added activities to your webshop, your guests can easily select an activity deal, group size and extras. Based on your business rules the smart scheduler tries all possible combinations of the different activities until it has found the most ideal one for both the guest and you. 

The best option will show when your guests book a specific deal on a specific day. Next, your guests can simply agree and continue to book their desired day out in just a few clicks. The bookings are automatically added to your planning, so it takes away all the manual work you’d otherwise have.

Example of how the scheduler works

Let’s say a guest wants to book the kids party package with laser tag, mini-golf and ice skating. Laser tag is available after 4 o’clock, ice skating the whole afternoon and mini-golf only at 2 o’clock. What happens then?

The scheduler will calculate all different scenarios and even change the order of the activities. When mini-golf is the first activity, there might be available spots for ice skating within 30 minutes after mini-golf has ended and then for laser tag. That program will be shown to the guest in the booking flow.

Success story: Unit 13 uses Briq’s scheduling software to successfully maximize capacity 

Laser tag venue Unit 13 chose Briq to offer their guests a unique booking experience and to continue the venue’s growth. They found a great partner in Briq and soon after they started working with Briq’s online booking and scheduling software, around 80 to 95% of the bookings were made online and the turnover increased with 35%

Executive Managing Director Berry explains why he’s so happy with Briq:

“We don’t have to do anything ourselves anymore which saves a lot of time. On top of that, we can now combine arrangements with Briq’s multi-activity scheduling. This way Briq has become part of the guest experience.”

At some point Unit 13 even became too successful. They had to scale back and set new business rules to avoid overcrowded missions. 

Adjusting rules and requirements that are necessary to guarantee the quality of your guests’ experiences is always possible. Unit 13 found the business rules that limit the number of bookings, so they can guarantee the best experience for their guests.

Save time and maximize your capacity with Briq

Because Briq’s multi-activity scheduling software calculates the ideal day out for your guests, you save a lot of time. Your guests can book 24/7 in your webshop, which means they don’t have to call or email you to manually plan their experience.

Automating your planning, offering smooth multi-activity experiences and boosting off-peak hours lead to a higher occupancy rate and more revenue. With Briq’s scheduler you make maximum use of your facility’s activities. This enables you and your staff to work more efficiently and spend more time on personalizing your guests’ experiences

Would you like to improve your capacity planning and start selling multi-activity deals online? Create a free account and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss the possibilities for your leisure center.

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