A day out is just one click away! Your guests can book all your activities online on any device, whenever they want, 24/7 in your responsive webshop. This will get you more bookings and save you time.

Sell the right extras with our easy set up to offer upsells and cross sells. Whenever your guests have chosen your deals, with our booking platform you show the right extras to create a complete guest experience. The result? Higher average order values.

Group bookings often cost you a lot of time. Not anymore. Briq’s booking software automates group bookings from start to finish and plans in everything your guests want to do too. You can even create subgroups for the different activities in advance, so the group can start right away when they arrive.

Give a boost to your quiet hours with our Capacity Management system. Our smart algorithm gives your guests the opportunity to choose the time slots that are most beneficial for you. Their bookings are automatically scheduled.

Give your customers the ability to pay online. Automated booking process, Briq automatically sends out confirmations and reminders and enables all other communication through key integrations. Having booked and paid up front, your guests know what to expect and are guaranteed a fun day out.

The Briq Bookings widget is easy to implement on your website by adding a small piece of code.

Our Customer Success Team assists in setting up your inventory for effective location management. Business rules, break lengths, time slots, and more – our scheduling software takes everything into account.


Check out the Briq Widget to get an idea of how your webshop can be with Briq Bookings. Request a demo to see how Briq Bookings works for your team. We’d love to show you our planning board, smart scheduler, and reporting capabilities.

Suitable for mobile
Upsell and Cross-sell Opportunities
Easy Group Booking Sales
Boost Your Quiet Hours
Enhanced Booking Structure
Efficient Accounting
Online Bookings
User-friendly Platform
Advanced Dashboard
Reduce Cancellations
Secure Online Payments
Reduced Phone and Email communication
Increase Your Revenue
Online Custom Solutions
Maintain Customer Contact
Suitable for Small and Large Businesses

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Do you want to work more customer-oriented and data-driven, save time on bookings, increase your average booking value and offer the best packages with multiple activities? Then start with our unique online booking solution.


“Briq Bookings has automated a large part, which has eliminated a lot of unnecessary customer contact.”

Ludo V. Manager


“Without Briq it would be impossible to achieve the visitor numbers that we have.”

Simone V. Marketing Manager