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We set you up for a great start and guide you along the way. We begin by learning about your goals and building your webshop.

Our customer success team helps you grow your business and does the heavy-lifting for you.

E-commerce Academy

  • Briq’s advanced course for a more professional website, webshop and online marketing strategy
  • Briq’s expert course to perfect the efficiency of your website, webshop and online growth channels
  • Briq’s master course to further optimize conversions through your website, webshop and growth strategy

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Stay up to date with the latest leisure trends, product updates and how-to guides for your offline and online growth.

Our blog, podcast and ebooks dive into everything that’s relevant to your leisure business.

Possibility to boost your bookings

Let Briq get you more online bookings to increase your online revenue through the power of affiliate bookings* on our ticket platforms.

We promote your deals and increase your online visibility to drive more traffic to your webshop.

*Included in our all-inclusive package

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Do you want to work more customer-oriented and data-driven, save time on bookings, increase your average booking value and offer the best packages with multiple activities? Then start with our unique online booking solution.


“Without Briq it would be impossible to achieve the visitor numbers that we have.”

Simone V. Marketing Manager


“Briq Bookings has automated a large part, which has eliminated a lot of unnecessary customer contact.”

Ludo V. Manager