How to target the right audience for your leisure business with Google Ads

Online growth december 14, 2021
How to target the right audience for your leisure business with Google Ads

Your data insights with a Google Analytics integration help you target and retarget the right audience with Google Ad campaigns to generate more traffic to your family entertainment center website and webshop

With effective advertisements in Google and the right SEO keywords you can generate many more visitors to your website while keeping track of your ROI and optimizing your approach as you learn from the data Google provides you with.

How can I target the right groups?

  1. Create ad campaigns for target groups based on location and the main key word your customers type in to find an FEC.

    For example, fictive FEC Qirb Fun Center could target people from Qirbland who are looking to go lasergaming or karting. 
  2. Create ad campaigns for target groups based on age. Your data might tell you that most people who visit your venue are between 20 to 40 years old. 
  3. Target a specific gender. Most people who go go-karting, for example, are men. 
  4. Create lookalike campaigns where you ask Google to create a target group with people who are similar to the people that have booked your experience.

How could I retarget the right groups?

  1. Create a target group based on the people who have left their shopping cart and have decided not to book your experience in the last step of your webshop. Target them with great Google advertisements and perhaps even discounts. 
  2. Create ad campaigns targeting previous visitors – showing them ads 3 months after their visit or for kids’ party bookers, 11 months after visiting. 

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