5 things to consider when choosing the right online booking tool

Online booking August 25, 2022
Choose the right online booking tool

The right booking tool can bring many different benefits to your leisure business. From being bookable around the clock to getting access to data reports and from customized deals with a perfect fit for your customers to receiving safe online payments. With the right online booking tool, you focus on your visitors, while they focus on having fun.

You’re always bookable with an online booking tool

24/7 bookability

A big advantage of an online booking tool is that you’re bookable online 24/7, even when your venue is closed. You won’t have to worry about missing phone calls, your guests can book their favorite deals online in your webshop. You’ll never have to miss a booking again.

Sell via your own sales channel

You sell your deals in your own webshop. You decide which deals you offer at any time.

For example, if you’re always fully booked for go-karting on Saturdays, the right booking tool won’t offer that day in your shop. You should be able to customize all your deals and have full control of your supply.

Sell extras

With Briq’s online booking tool, you have the opportunity to upsell and cross-sell all your activities during the booking process. Guests should be able to choose their preferred extras and complete their day out. Making it a truly unique experience, specially made for them.

Create multi-activity deals 

Talking about making a day out unique, with Briq you can offer multi-activity deals. You can sell a game of bowling combined with drinks, or, if your venue has various activities, why not combine them? 

Combine a heat of karting with a round of mini-golf. Make sure all your activities are bookable in one deal for your guests. They now only have to choose their favorite package and enjoy their selves whilst doing the activities.

Get data insights

Choose an online booking tool that allows you to get data reports to improve your website and webshop.

This is how Briq’s smart software helps you grow your business and make data-driven decisions.

You can select different time periods. View data from a week, a month of a quarter and see how many bookings your venue got that period. Or the total value of these bookings, the total number of visitors the average spend per person, and more. Which insights do you want to have?

Receive online payments 

There are a few benefits to online payments. Guests are more likely to show up to their reservation when their activity is already paid for. And guests who pay in advance have a higher average other value than gusts who pay onsight. This is because they forget how much money they’ve already spent on the activity. Spending more on drinks and upsells at your venue. 

Online payments can look different for all guests. Guests can pay the full amount online. Pay a portion online and a part at the venue or pay for the main activity and pay for extra activities and drinks later. Online payments can look different for all guests and we’ll accommodate all options.

Why Briq is the perfect booking tool

At Briq we know how important it is to have the right online booking tool. It allows you to manage bookings, payments, and scheduling. Briq can do all this for your FEC and more. We’ll help your leisure business grow. 

Our Customer Success Team regularly checks in with your FEC to see where you can improve. We also have an E-commerce Academy and Knowledge center to help you with your online growth.

We find it important to create the best deals for your target audience, which includes multi-activity deals. Briq’s smart scheduler will keep your availability in mind when bookings are made. 

Not only will Briq help you schedule activities seamlessly online. We work with Briq Pay. A payment feature that is fully integrated. You can manage all your bookings and transactions in one place. This means one contact point and one invoice. 

Want to get started? Try Briq for free.

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